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A Huggies Event

I am going to confess something that I really shouldn’t. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve on Friday. I know us bloggers are meant to be cool and take invites to events casually; but not me. I was sooooo flattered and felt like I had been picked first for some kind of sports team. I am desperately uncool, I know, and I really don’t care.


In case you hadn’t guessed, the Huggies event was the first big brand event I had been invited to. As an ex-PR person who has organised events (and therefore aware of how much thought, work and effort goes into it); I was incredibly impressed by the whole thing.

I was so nervous to attend the night before, I double checked with Maz from Caffeine & Fairydust to make sure she was still attending. Not only was she attending, but she offered to come pick me up so we could arrive together. For those who missed it, I am totally in awe of this amazing woman, mother and blogger; and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with her (I even have her story scheduled for the Surrounded by Supermommies series).

Anyway, off topic, back to the Huggies event. It was held to introduce the new-to-South Africa nappy pants, and to share the latest on the Huggies New Baby range (which I was already in love with when Charly was a baby). Before I share what they shared, I have to tell you about how SOFT these nappies are!

I had actually just been telling Maz in the car on the way to the event about how amazingly soft the New Baby nappies were compared to other brands on the market; and then we walked in to find samples on our chairs. Can you even with how tiny this is, and this is the size 2!! They start at size zero! I got sooo nostalgic for my tiny baby when I sat there holding it. I guarantee when they share the photos of the event; there will be a close up of my hands constantly holding, fondling or stroking the nappies enthralled by how soft they were – I really wish I’d had a manicure.

Tiny nappy

*Also, I haven’t been paid to share this information; I was invited to the amazing event they held, spoiled rotten and given a pack of the nappy pants to test – with no expectation or promise of a post from me. The information I’m sharing is what I learnt at the event and from my own experience with the products.

Ok, the nappies
They started with the Huggies New Baby range; which we have already established I love. They touched on all of the reasons for that love – the incredible softness; a small cutout in the size 0 nappies to allow for the umbilical cord; the fact that the tabs close anywhere and the waistband is stretchy and soft – so the size is adjustable to perfectly fit your baby; and the magic indicator line (that I somehow missed for the first few months I used the nappy – new mom sleep deprivation), which changes from yellow to green when the nappy is full.

New Baby

They have also updated the super soft inner lining to be extra absorbent for the nasty new baby poo, and included a catchment ‘pocket’ at the back of the nappy to try to prevent every parent’s nightmare of the nappy explosion that gets into their precious one’s neck and hair. And did I mention… It is soooo soft!

And then the star of the show; the Huggies nappy pants. As the parent of a child who behaves as if she is being put through an exorcism the second she hits her changing mat, I really REALLY liked the idea of a nappy I could just pull on without having to worry about whether it is on straight or having to pin my child down to secure the sticky tabs properly.

Although pull-up nappies have been around for a while, this isn’t quite the same thing. Pull-ups were specifically designed for potty training your toddler; and while I have no doubt the Huggies nappy pants will work brilliantly for that too, they have been designed for a different purpose.

You see, they start at size 3, (straight after the New Baby nappies end off, coincidentally I’m sure ;)) and go all the way up to size 6 (which I am thrilled about because Charly’s gorgeous little bum and leggies fit way more comfortably into the bigger size). Size 3 is generally the stage where your baby starts wriggling like a little worm the second you lay them down to change them. And THIS is what the nappy pants have been designed for.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 4.07.51 PM

Once the wriggling starts, it soon progresses to rolling, kicking, rocking and general experimentation with movement. Once this starts happening frequently, it becomes a lot more difficult to secure the regular nappy properly – from ensuring the tabs are straight to making sure the areas around their endlessly moving legs are properly secure.

The nappy pants has an all-round soft and stretchy waistband that stops them from slipping down, no matter how active your wriggler is. It also has a double leg elastic that fits securely around even the skinniest of legs to prevent any leaks. And before you panic trying to figure out how to get a soaked or otherwise full nappy off down squirmy baby legs – the seams are easily tearable with a firm downward tug so you can open to clean like with any regular nappy.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 3.06.01 PM


Although they claim to be perfect for both day and night usage, with up to 12 hours of dryness; I have yet to brave that test. I have however used them in the day and I haven’t encountered any leaks or issues so far, and getting them on and off has been painless.

The nappy pants have gender specific designs to allow for more comfort and effectiveness, with absorbent zones that are more centrally placed for girls, and higher up for boys.

Another difference, from what I’ve heard, is that the usual pull-ups are quite a lot more expensive than regular nappies; where these are on par with them selling between R99.99 and R124.99. This might have spent hung to do with the fact that Huggies is actually making these in South Africa as opposed to importing them.

And, did I mention they are super soft as well? Because they really really are. I have a thing about textures, particularly when it comes to my child; hard and scratchy are unacceptable to me in something that will be on Charly’s skin. I wouldn’t expect the nappy pants to be particularly soft, because of the extra elasticity added in the waist and leg areas, but somehow they have managed it. They are even softer than the regular Huggies I use.

Back to the event
Ok, for those of you still interested, a little more about the event; because I LOVED it! It was held at the beautiful Mount Nelson hotel in Orange Street, for those of you who haven’t been there, put it on your bucket list; it is opulent and luxurious and they do everything properly.


The decor was gorgeous! With balloons everywhere, an endless candy table, tasteful bright displays of the Huggies brand and Disney touches spotted around the room; the setup was bright and fun. There were even people making Disney themed balloon animals.

Candy 1



The tables were set with a fresh fruit plate, fresh juice, fresh pastries and the attentive staff were ever-present with fresh delicious coffee. After snacking non-stop on all of that, they brought out a hot breakfast, which we were somehow not expecting. It was so yummy, we all ended up eating that too. And then, the candy table… There were bags available so you could choose your own selection of delicious brightly coloured candies and cupcakes and cake pops to take home to the kids, and hubby, or to just eat yourself 🙂


Riaad Moosa was the MC of the morning. Most of you will know his name as a local actor and comedian; but he is also a medical doctor and a father of three kids! He was really great; funny and relevant, which is not always the easiest of combinations to find.


We also got some sneak previews of the new Huggies campaigns, adverts and other #huggiesnews as well. They have some amazing things in store.

And there was plenty of time to socialist with other attendees too. I was in my element seated between Maz and Lindsay (from What happened to my body), and we had some lovely parents and media at our table too.

Maz & Me
Maz & Me
Lindsay & me
Lindsay & me

Other familiar faces in the room belonged to Sarah from The Mommy City, Leigh from The Mom Diaries, Leigh from Red Lips & Darling Adventures and Jules from Heart Mama Blog – to name only a few.

And the final touch was the personalised gift bags that came with the sample Huggies nappy pants. It had toys chosen just for Charly and two “flavours” of Huggies wetwipes to sample as well.


I had the best time at the event; I felt special, like the brand had made an effort to put together an event, a speaker, a guest list and even a gift that would speak to the mommy in me. I loved learning about the new ranges, and I wasn’t bored by the speakers when they were telling us about them; everybody even teared up over the new campaign adverts. I arrived as a “mostly” Huggies user, and left a huge Huggies fan.

Have any of you tried out the Huggies nappy pants yet? Please let me know in the comments; I’d love to hear how you’ve found them so far!

Sending all the love xx

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