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5 Ways to keep warm using your toddler

This feels like the coldest winter we’ve ever had; but I’m pretty sure I say that every year. I actually love winter; I like having a legitimate reason to work in my pjs under piles of duvets and never leave the house. But omg the cold; not even blankets, heaters and hot water bottles are cutting it. But how can you use your toddler to keep warm this winter??

Baby Bear

1. Extended breastfeeding – you know the kind of cold that makes your nipples ache? Stick a toddler on them and voila, you are giving your child extra nutrition and keeping your nurples from falling off. It is also very in vogue to be breastfeeding your toddler.

2. Embrace attachment parenting – wear your toddler! Yes, I realise your child is heavy and never stops moving and may even flail about, hit or bite at times. But if you wear your toddler in one of those endless material wraps, it can be a win-win In a wrap. You can securely fasten aforementioned flailing limbs, meaning your toddler is secure and prevented from harming themselves or others; and you get an adorable additional source of body heat, AND you can hide any unsightly winter weight beneath the layers of wrap. Attachment parenting is SO in season.

3. Encourage separation anxiety – there is nothing quite as heavenly and snuggly as your toddler firmly attached limpet-like to a limb or, even better, wrapped around your neck. When your toddler is going through a particularly clingy stage, you know that they can stay in that position for hours, sometimes even days. The research shows that separation anxiety is a healthy expression of a healthily attached child; so you are only ensuring your child is developing as they should.

4. Try to keep up – You know how you sit on the couch and watch your small human run round and round and round in circles endlessly? You watch and you engage and you make sure they are safe and having fun… while trying not to actually move. Have you ever noticed how toddlers never get cold? Because they never ever ever stop moving. Get off your freezing butt and join them…

5. Co-sleep – It really is that simple… When you are experiencing the polar kneecaps and frozen toes syndrome, your partner becomes very selfish with their body heat all of a sudden. Your toddler loves being snuggled up against you, or bent over you backwards, or with their feet in your face and their arms flung over your knees!! I know you might not get much sleep with the constant motion, and uncomfortable positions, BUT you will be warm, and that is all that matters!

So when you wake up and realise that it is 1 degree outside and the rain is never going to stop falling and the wind is never going to stop howling, and you wonder what on earth you are going to do with that always-in-motion mini-human you created? Now you know.

Sending all the love (& warmth) xx

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Hahahahahahahahaha Thanks for the laugh, just what I needed while I am frozen to the couch with my 2 year old attached and fast asleep. Not that I’m complaining, you’re right, he keeps me warm!

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