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I just couldn’t live without

The instant and honest answer is my phone. The make and model are irrelevant (though I hope I never have to use a phone that isn’t an iPhone).

I have forgotten my phone at home when rushing out to the shop or to work maybe 5 times in the 15 years I have had one (once when I was pregnant so it doesn’t count). On those occasions, I returned home as soon as humanly possible to fetch it; I would have been a total wreck if I had tried to make it through the entire day without it.

My number has not changed in 15 years and if I have my way it never will. Touch wood, I have never lost a phone nor had one stolen. My phone is always charged; once the battery on my phones start to die or lose their charge too fast, they are dead to me.

Before you get the wrong idea, I am not a superficial person. The reason I can’t live without my phone has nothing to do with the phone itself. Let me break it down for you…     speak to the members of my family every single day – my mom, my dad and my sister. I chat to Brett on and off all day while he is at work. I speak to my close mommy friends daily as well; we check in, we ask questions, we reassure each other that we are normal and sane and not losing our minds. Being cut off from these people is unthinkable to me. The thought that someone might need me and not be able to reach me is a big thing for me.

I have every phone number that has ever mattered to me on this phone. Although I am unusual in that there are actually more than a few numbers I have in my head, on a day when Charly has kept me awake all night I barely know my own name, so if my phone wasn’t with me those numbers and therefore those people are lost to me.

I have my cameras, my favourite photos and videos on my phone. Yes, they are often also on Social Media and most of them are backed up on my laptop; but there are always more on my phone than anywhere else. Photos of my grandparents and my friends; of my cats; of my family, my niece pulling her crazy faces and crawling/walking/eating/dancing/talking for the first time, and of my sister when she was pregnant; my parents; my extended family all together; but mostly special moments with my husband and my baby girl – the kind of photos that are slightly blurred and not the most flattering, videos of my baby sleeping that nobody but I would find mesmerising; that you won’t find anywhere on the internet. Irreplaceable memories that I may not have managed to back up that day.

The internet. All the knowledge of the world in my hands. Books, music, movies, news, dictionaries, thesauruses, restaurants, doctors, hospitals, maps, weather, reviews, shops. My blog, everybody else’s blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, scrabble games that have been going for two years, access to my Google documents, spreadsheets, emails, calendars. Literally everything.

And finally, messages. I have 3 years worth of messages between Brett and I; a mini documentary of our life together these past years. I have messages from friends and family that are no longer here. Final words, thoughts, I love you’s.

So I’m not quite sure why so many people are afraid to say they couldn’t live without their phones. We carry our worlds in our phones. We carry our hearts in our phones. When people used to ask: if your house was on fire and you could only take one thing with you; it was a really difficult decision – your photo albums, home movies, music collection, diary, address book, letters; how could you possible choose or carry everything if the choice was too much? Now that answer is simple – your phone.

#Writersbootcampza Day 4 

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