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What makes me laugh more than anything else is…

What makes me laugh more than anything else is my husband.  

Even when I’m sad or upset or exhausted or frustrated or even furious with him, he will always find a way to make me laugh out loud at something to distract me.

Brett is smart, he is proper, he is warm, he is loving, he is stubborn, he is sensitive, he is brilliant at what he does, he is shy, he is sincere, he is an amazing dedicated father, he is a supportive and thoughtful husband and he knows a lot about a lot. But it would surprise most people who know him that the thing he prides himself on, is his ability to make people laugh.

Because he knows a lot about a broad range of topics, he can tell educated current jokes that can make anybody laugh. And he has a way of viewing the world that would make him a brilliant stand up comedian with endless topical one-liners.

But the part I love most about him is that he can be silly. In the first year we were together he once sms’d me a little poem when I was feeling down; I think it may have been that poem that made me realise I could spend the rest of my life with him. He also wrote a requiem for an onion named Fred who lived in his fridge for a very long time (he was a bachelor!). I love that he named an onion Fred; we share this very odd passion for giving everything names. I love that he will pull funny faces and sing songs about random everyday things to entertain our daughter. The list is really endless and I could spend all night sharing little anecdotes with you, but Charly is finally asleep and so I must sleep too.

I’m so glad I wrote this post before going to sleep, because I have the hugest smile on my face as I remember endless things my husband does to make us laugh and smile and be happy. I am so very blessed. Goodnight everyone xx

*#Writersbootcampza Day 12

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