Winning with Mummy Massage

So, I got my Mummy Massage and was as blown away as the first time. This time I even extended it to a 90 minute one and I felt like I had died and gone to heaven (You can read my thoughts on massage here).

Mummy Massage set up

Sadly the very next day I fell ill and now my body is feeling as if it has never ever rested in it’s life, so I will just have to be getting another one as soon as I feel better… A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. So I am getting myself a package deal because I deserve it!

Us mommies never ever put ourselves first; from the second we find out we are pregnant, every single thing we do to and for ourselves comes second to what baby needs. Berneen from Mummy Massage is here to make sure you remember to slip in that little bit of you time; from the day your little bean becomes the centre of your world to the days when you feel like you just can’t anymore and you haven’t shaved your legs and you have baby vomit in your hair. When everybody else wants to keep a “loving” distance from you, Berneen wants to get up close and personal and try to ease some of the ever-present ever-building pressure that putting somebody else first 24/7 brings, and that is why she offers prenatal and postnatal massage.

If you aren’t our lucky Mummy Massage winner, head over to and book your massage now. Also, be sure to not-so-subtly send your hubby, family and friends the website so they know exactly what to get you the next time they want to show you how much they appreciate you.


And now over to the main event! I’m running the draw exactly like I did the last one ~

Randomly mixed names in the spreadsheet & 3 sets of numbers in different colours (This is the order the final number will appear -)


My ridiculously adorable Charly Roses picks one of each…

My cutie bear
Green draw

Zero   Purple in the box

4 orange

Blur baby clap

I find the number on the spreadsheet, and our Mummy Massage winner is…

MM Winner spreadsheet

So many congratulations to Stacey-Lee Chanquin! Have the most amazing massage and be sure to leave a comment once you have and tell us how much you loved it. Please send your contact information to so I can pass it on to Berneen!

A very heartfelt request to all of you; please share anything you love on the blog and help me reach more people – it really is as easy as clicking on the buttons at the end of any post. I want more than anything to share stories with as many mommies as I can, to make sure none of us is left feeling alone.

Sending all the love xx


  1. Stacey Lee Chanquin says

    This is great news,thank you Mandy-Lee and gorgeous Charly Rose. I will be in contact with you shortly.


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