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I am officially BACK! So you may very well get sick of me. Before I start telling you how awesome goodies are, Just letting you know that I will be announcing the winners of the Bunchems giveaway and the Watercolour Heart giveaway some time between today and Monday, so be sure to pop over and see if you are a winner!  Ok, let’s do this! We are celebrating the fast approaching end of 2016 (good riddance) and Christmas, my very very favourite time of year!

Our Instagram followers might remember this photo… Or any number of the others in this post since Charly was so besotted with the delivery that I got the most ridiculously adorable photos ever that needed to be shared immediately. love1

(If you aren’t following us on Instagram you are missing out on daily Charly photos from the day she was born, including a video of her first Christmas concert from last night!!!)

Some might think that essentials like spoons and plates and bibs aren’t quite fun enough for a Christmas gift… You would be SO wrong! They are in bright and beautiful colours and patterns, they are quirky shapes and there are bendy spoons!! Charly genuinely loves every items and gets furious if we haven’t washed them between meals so she can use them. And yes, she often wants to use them all at every meal, so there’s that… was launched in 2009 in Australia. The designs are by MOMS, so everything is covered. All products are BPA, Phthalates and PVC free, they are easy to clean and make life easier for moms and fun for littles. I love the practicality of everything!

SO here is an overview of each of the items I received.

The Travel Bib & Spoon

This is such a clever product!! It comes in gorgeous patterns on easy to clean material. You can wipe it, rinse it or give it a good hand wash. The “catcher” at the bottom has rubber lining, which means it doesn’t matter what gets messed in there, it is easy to clean. BUT here is the magic – the catcher is also a pouch! You can roll up the bib, pop the spoon into it and zip it up, it even has a press stud loop that allows you to hang it from a nappy bag or pram or feeding table. And because the lining is rubber, you don’t need to find a way to clean everything on the spot, you just roll it back in and wash it when you get home! Another think I love about it is that it has 3 plastic press stud buttons (as opposed to the velcro that pulls all of Charly’s hair out and eventually stops sticking altogether!!) that allow for easy adjusting. bib

Oh! And don’t forget the spoon! This is probably Charly’s favourite item, she LOVES that it is bendy and that it is purple 🙂 bendy-spoon Toddler Cutlery Set

This cool looking cutlery was designed with input from a pediatric occupational therapist. The fork doesn’t look like anything you have seen before, which is because it is unique and patented to! It is specially designed to fit the size and shape of little mouths and the handle’s curve allows your little one to hold and negotiate the fork and spoon to their mouths without them losing half of its contents. Watching Charly eat peas with the fork can be a little painful, as she finds it endlessly amusing to catch each pea and eat it before moving onto the next. VERY little mess when she uses these though as she finds it easy to manipulate them. Dishwasher friendly and they come with a handly plastic travel case. You can spot the mom-design elements from a mile away – less mess, easy to clean and carry! cutlery Snack Pack & Divider Plate

Let’s pause here for a second and talk about toddlers… In general, Charly is a relatively good eater. She enjoys her veggies, loves peas (frozen or otherwise) and fruit and nuts and crackers. Crispy chicken strips are a particular favourite. BUT. Everything has to be exactly a certain way when it is presented to her. If she chooses to change things up, that is (mostly) fine, but heaven forbid the blueberries get on her bread or the frozen peas make her crispy chickens NOT crispy. The screaming and whining can make your ears bleed. This is why I have grouped these two items together.

Both of these have non-slip bases that ACTUALLY work!! So there is less likelihood of either of them “accidentally” going flying (seriously, some of her plates are like frisbies!!). They both provide separation that mostly prevents the food “smushing” as she so eloquently howls. Below you will see that the snack pot kept her cold peas from her hot peas… and each gets their own spoon of course. They are both microwave and dishwasher friendly (exact instructions come with items). dinners

Cool additions, easy grip brightly coloured rubber handles on the plate make it easy to carry, even for little hands. The snack pot is awesome because the two compartments are completely separate, even with the lid on. This means that putting her “correctly” cut grapes and her yoghurt in it and chucking it into a bag won’t result in meltdown city for either of us – hooray! The fact that the soft colourful spoon clips into the lid itself, so you don’t end up with your toddler eating yoghurt with their hands, is really just a bonus! snack

You can find these and many more award-winning baby essentials for kids aged 0-3 years here

The hamper valued at over R800 was won by Bongi Hill!


Good luck everybody!!Sending you alllll the love xxxYou will be immediately disqualified if you complete the entry form more than once. We will immediately disqualify you from entering any Pregnant in Cape Town giveaways for 2 months if you have NOT completed all the required steps.*This giveaway is sadly only open to those currently residing in South Africa*








35 replies on “Reviewing essentials feeding range”

Wow do lovely giveaway

I can’t choose only I ❤❤❤ them all
Specially my baby starting to eat solid food she’s 6 moths old I will be great full n thankful if I win.
P.S. I love your website and interesting topic

Nearly due with number 2, I’ve been eyeing out the travel bib. I didnt have one for my first (doh!) and it looks like a great mess-collector!

Snacks always freak me out. Yoghurts always crack and leak and the biscuits always get soggy. This is such a cool set! And the pea eating with the fork and spoon is just hours of entertainment 😀 Good luck!

I’m in love with the divider plate! My son loves food( and order). He got that from his mama. This is would be perfect for him. We are busy transitioning from mashed up baby food to toddler finger foods. He loves feeding himself but everything must be separated ( OCD genes from mama B ). Beautiful products !!!

I love the divider plate my daughter is so fussy and hates her food touching each other so this is perfect for her

Lovely giveaway for us Mama’s and baba’s!!! The Travel bib and spoon will be very handy. Holding thumbs 🙂

Yes it is 🙂 Anything that makes parenting a fussy toddler even the teeniest but easier is a winner with me! Good luck!

I love the fork that has patented! Very clever design. I really like all the bright colors everything is made from as well. My boy, 5 months old, has just started solids, and I don’t have anything cutlery related yet. It would be the perfect Christmas gift.

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