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Who won a handmade winter warmer from Moii?

Wow mammas! Thank you so much for all the love and support for Moii – Exquisitely handmade and this competition. I am so thrilled so many of you got to learn about Matty-Lize and her beautiful handcrafted winter warmers, in large part thanks to the Mamahood groups.


I also beyond LOVED seeing pics of so many of your gorgeous kiddies!! They say mommies are biased when it comes to their own kids, but seriously – every one of them was just TOO adorable. For those who missed out, you should head over and have a look in the comments of the pinned post (I will leave it up til the end of today just so you can oooh and aaaaah and like all the cuteness).

Thank you also for all the kind words about my munchkin model; she is the MOST delicious, I know. And that is why I am still using her to draw the winner today! I panicked at first when I realised I had over 150 entries – there is no way I can sit and lovingly hand write all the names. But I came up with a plan…

So this is how the draw works from now on –
I entered every person into a spreadsheet as they entered (yes, it took hours, but I am a TOTAL nerd and love spreadsheets). The more entries you had, the higher up the list you moved; so those with 5 entries are at the top 5 times, then 4 entries 4 times, 3 entries… And so on and so forth. It ended up looking like this (and continued til entry number 154) –

The Moii Spreadsheet

I then wrote 0 & 1 in red on individual pieces paper for the first set; then 0-5 in blue on individual pieces of paper for the second set; and 0-9 in black for the last set (I know there was a chance she might choose 1-5-9 and there wouldn’t be an entry for 159, but then I would get her to redraw the last number).

The numbers

I then put each set into her Charly’s favourite yellow bucket and she chose one number from each, like this –

The red one

Excuse the weird fake smile
Excuse the weird fake smile

Drawing Blue

Blue 4

Choosing Black

Keep you guessing...
Keep you guessing…

7 Black

And the winner is…


The winning number 047

So many congratulations to you ! Thank you so much for both of your entries; if you want to get technical, it was this adorable photo of your son that won you a beautiful handmade winter warmer for your gorgeous Luke!

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.09.02 AM

Please send your full name, email and contact number and I will pass them on to Matty-Lize to contact you to arrange your prize. For those who didn’t win, head over to the Moii site or Facebook page and get your order in now. Her prices are amazing and the products even more so.

Next week’s giveaway is something a little different and a lot of special; it’s a personalised gift for yourself or someone precious to you. I am so in love with mine and can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Until then, I hope you got to read the first Surrounded by Supermommies essay! If you didn’t, head over now. Our next Supermommy story will be live on Monday.

Sending all the love xx

5 replies on “Who won a handmade winter warmer from Moii?”

Thanks Luchae 🙂 She loves being a part of it all and without her, the blog wouldn’t exist and I couldn’t give away amazing prizes 😀 SHe has done all the draws so far; some awesome pics, you should go take a peep.

Yaaaay 😀 Well done Nicky & Luke <3 Will pass your details on to Matty-Lize xxx

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