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We have the plague

Well, the Doctor says its the flu with secondary sinus and chest infections, but it feels like the plague.

Because of this I initially postponed this week’s Supermommy to later this week; but I am now officially admitting defeat and moving it to next week. It is a competely different story to those shared so far and it is the story of someone very precious to me, so I don’t want to do it an injustice by trying to write it when I can feel my fever in my eyeballs.

Because I suspect you may miss me terribly this week if I don’t share my wisdoms and stories; I am going to send you to three different places today and I really really hope you will show how much you love me by going…

Firstly, please please go enter the giveaway for that awesome free massage! It is super easy to enter and Berneen literally has magic hands – I swear it.

Secondly, I had a loooong interview with the lovely Celeste from “My Friend Thinks I’m Super Mom” (she seems awfully close to being just that)! She asked such great questions I got carried away and now it’s like my whole life and all my advice is sitting right there on her stunning blog… So off you go…

And finally, something different for me. I used the other side of my brain for a change and had a good rant about something I find really irritating and unprofessional. It is also something that everybody should keep in mind. Intrigued? Head over to SA Mom Blogs and have a read…

From this perfect but not well little angel and I; goodnight! We will try check in again soon.

Sending all the love xx

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