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Warmth, Love & Gratitude

Some days I really struggle to write posts, particularly when they are personal and open up feelings that are difficult to express like I did in my post of Friday night. But the response has been amazing and reminds me why I am doing this – thank you all so much for your warmth, love, support and for sharing your own stories; I am so glad that I could help and make you feel less alone, as you have done for me too.

A special mention of Melanie Stockenstrom who is also homebound as she waits for her twins to grow big and strong – Everyone send her a big virtual hug and keep her in your thoughts!

I am feeling much better and much stronger, particularly after hearing your stories and I am looking forward to our scan tomorrow morning and seeing our little girl safe and happy. She has been wriggling around quite a lot this morning, just to reassure me 🙂

I am delaying the post on birth options that was scheduled for today til Wednesday and will post an update and some pics of our little one tomorrow. I may even introduce her by name…

Again – thank you all so much for sharing this journey with me; each and every one of you makes a difference to my day!

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Awh! I was mentioned in a blog! Thanx sweetie! I counted, max 12 weeks before delivery! But doctor will already be happy with just 9 weeks from now. Already on bedrest for 5 weeks. Time is flying. Hope you are doing great.

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