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My poor baby, and by extension our little family, just can’t catch a break!! Charly has been impossible for about 10 days; as usual we blamed teething, even though she won’t let us look in her mouth. Something still seemed off though, so I took her to the GP to get checked out. Turns out she has fluid on the eardrum and the start of an ear infection.   
Ear infections are apparently relatively common in teething bubbas, though I’m not sure I get the connection, so it boils down to the fact that teething genuinely sucks and IS the devil! Because we caught it just in time, we’ve just been given something to dry her up and Stopayne to help the pain and apparently help her sleep – haha. Both Stopayne and Dimatapp are apparently well known for making babies sleep – guess what, not my kid. She still wakes all the time.

Although to be fair, other than the being sick part, there have been definite signs of improvement on the sleep front. Until she started feeling really awful, she was sleeping in her cot all night, this has slipped as she’s slept clinging to me the last 3 nights for at least half the night. Her sleep stretches were beginning to improve, from 2 nights with an impressive 4h30 start, to a few 3 hours and 2 hours – all an improvement on 90 minutes.  

She loves her room, especially her cherry blossom tree with it’s “bufffffff” (butterflies) and ffffffffff (flowers). She points at and says goodnight to her flowers, butterflies, birds and tree every night. She also adores her bunting and makes daddy stand at the edge for hours so she can hold the strings and make the buffffffff fly. She also doesn’t often wake crying anymore, she loves the big cot and lies and chats to her toys or the cherry blossom tree or, more often, pulls herself up and walks around her cot. Which she also does in her sleep, by the way. Most nights I wake to find her standing in her cot, and I lie her down, and she’s still fast asleep. Hoping this “sleep-walking” doesn’t continue once she’s older and in an open bed!!

We’ve established a lovely nighttime routine, involving bathtime and family Storytime (Goodnight moon, Little tiger and Little owl), followed by a feed and mommy singing Silent Night (completely off key, but she seems to love me anyway). So far I’ve had no troubles with her at bedtime, though putting her into her cot has it’s tough nights. 

I’m also working towards establishing a new day nap routine, though it is slowing the night sleep training. I’m trying to put her down in her cot to sleep in the day, but even though she is fast asleep, more often than not she wakes howling, meaning very short naps and a very angry baby. I reluctantly keep trying, because once I finish work for the year, I’ll be moving her from 2.5 hrs awake time (3 day naps) to 3 hrs awake time (2 naps). I have to get her napping in her cot though or it will mean my working hours go from 4.5 a day to only 3 (because of the hours I have help). 

My perfectly reachable goal of being wrapped up with work by this past week has been obliterated by having a sick, miserable baby that only wants mommy and drives all other care givers (daddy and granny) completely bonkers. I’m hoping to finish in the upcoming week (still perfectly plausible) IF she is feeling better and allows anyone else to look after her for any decent amount of time. 

I also need to get to the shops at some point this week before every single thing is sold out. I have a cupboard literally overflowing with Christmas presents, but it is mostly the kids gifts. I still need to get a few of the grown up presents and a bunch for Charly. I know what I need, it’s just finding the time to do it. I was SO ahead of the game, having made a huge dent by mid-Nov and then…life. And so now I have to head into the insanity that is Christmas shopping malls :(

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