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The Week That Was & What’s Ahead

It’s been a tough week, with me fighting a throat and sinus infection with backup from antibiotics. Charly started to get flu too, but we seem to have headed it off with some flu medication. I did manage to get a lot of work done somehow; and renew my drivers license and attend a client meeting and get some great content ideas for work and made some really exciting decision about the blog… so tough, but not impossible.

Sick Selfies

Yesterday was a bit of a top up of love and energy for me. We went to my godson’s third birthday party and I got some one on one time with my special little people, the teeny beanie niece and the gorgeous birthday boy.

Tenny Beanie & Me


Charly was having so much fun running around non-stop, talking to everyone and everything, playing on the trampoline and with balls and balloons and foam swords and bubble wands. Every stage has its perfect moments; Charly’s are all about learning and playing and growing and never ever NOT moving right now; which I’m loving.


Charly & a Ball

Charly & Froggie

While part of me dreads her growing up any more or another stage passing by, there is another part of me that longs for more quiet time with her, sitting on my lap, cuddling and giggling, like I got to do with the older two today. It’s good to know that as you let one perfect moment go, another sweeps in to take its place.


Sunday yet again… I can feel how some parents take a breath of relief thinking of the little silence that Monday brings though work, crèche or an extra set of hands; and then I can feel the heartbreak of others as they dread leaving their littles for work, crèche or even to the extra set of hands.

There are no doubt a bunch of clever parents who have taken Monday off altogether and are enjoying a long weekend, and who are either breathing in the extra day with their families or sitting head in hands wondering what they were thinking. Isn’t parenthood just extraordinary in its complexity?

Wow, completely stumbled off track there…

And now to the week ahead… As I mentioned in Friday’s interview, there are changes afoot here in the coming week.

The biggest change will be in the reviews and giveaways. Don’t worry! They are very much still in evidence, I am just teaming up with the amazing mommies over at Mamahood to help mommies learn about other mommy businesses.


To be clear – my promise and delivery to you has not changed! I will only share products and services I have tried and loved myself. The businesses chosen will still be providing me with samples to try so I can give you honest feedback of my personal experience, and they will still be sponsoring the prizes for the giveaway. If anything I try is sub-standard or doesn’t deliver as promised, I won’t try to sell you on it, and they will be reported to Mamahood and removed from the approved list as well. So everybody wins – mommies get the support they deserve and other mommies can support them knowing they will be getting the very best… And I get to keep giving people gifts 😀

This means my review posts will be moving to a Thursday, starting this week with the awesome Sprout (who I approached before teaming up with Mamahood, but who is also a Mamahood approved business).


I am waiting on answers from 3 more Pregnant in (_) mommies, and their interviews will be moving to earlier in the week moving forward.

I am incredibly excited to share the next interview series with you, and I am already working on the interviews with the mommies involved. I will share more on those once the start date is near. Sharing more now would affect the content of the interviews and this is a special one, so I am guarding it closely.

That’s all for today; I will have a new interview up for you ASAP.

Sending all the love xx

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Thanks hun. I’m trying yes. Being a professional writer for clients, I often see my work published in impressive places with other people’s names on it. It doesn’t dim the sense of accomplishment or pride, but it is nice to be using my skills with my own voice as well 🙂

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