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The Lock-It locket winner!

What a week! I have been blown away by the love and enthusiasm you have shown for the beautiful Lock-It lockets! Not that I blame you 🙂 I am so happy that you loved them as much as the Mamahood team and I do.

Close Up

Listen, mammas, I am so sorry that only one of you can win today; and I really hope you contact one of the agents or stockists to get your very own Lock-It. I have included the lists at the bottom of this post.

Lock-It is also always looking for agents, particularly in the smaller towns around South Africa. If you think you have what it takes to share your love for these gorgeous products and make yourself some extra money; you can apply here or email Tarryn on

AND NOW… To the real reason you are all reading this… The draw!
We have a total of 293 entries for today’s draw! Can you even?! And guess who spent this past week entering each and every name and each and every entry into a spreadsheet? Yup, I did! That’s how much I love you all!

I’m running the draw the same as I did the last one
3 sets of numbers in different colours… This is the order the final number will appear –


Our adorable little helper picks one of each, in a random order to increase the variety…

Draw 1





Ppl number4

Scrunching for luck
Scrunching for luck

I put the numbers in the correct order…


And find it on the spreadsheet…


Congratulations Carmen Mcluckie!!! Please send your contact information to so I can pass it on to Tarryn!

Thank you so much for all your love and support mammas. There really aren’t any words to express how much I appreciate it.

For those of you who were very busy this week (like me); you should over to read the new Surrounded by Supermommies posts – yup, there are two this week! Go read Carla’s story from yesterday and Cassey’s story from Monday. And if the week has gotten you down, you should read Tuesday’s post, I felt a little silly and needed to smile and make some people smile.

And mammas, please share anything you love on the blog and help me reach more people. You know it is my ultimate goal to share our stories with as many mommies as I can, to make sure none of us is every left feeling alone.

Sending all the love xx




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