The Lady in the Tent

I have briefly mentioned in previous posts that I am carrying “big”. I am rather more like a 6 month pregnant fairy than the reality of 3 and a half months. The tears every time I read online how readers should not feel badly for not showing yet and how normal it is (every single week), have become quite traumatic.

the belly

I started showing at about 6 weeks – not fat all over, though my body sure is trying now, but my belly swelled perceptibly pretty much straight away. Bloat it may have been, but knowing that changes less than nothing, I was still enormous.

I know as well as anybody that maternity wear is insanely overpriced in most places, but I can understand why people spend the money. There is nothing quite as traumatic as a hormonal mom-to-be feeling bloated and nauseous and betrayed by her own body, going from a size 36 pants to not being able to do the zip up on a 40 while reading everywhere how you are not showing as yet. And trying on the 42 that finally closes without killing your belly and the legs are so wide and so long you could easily double as a clown. So no, when you are feeling and looking this way, you cannot just buy bigger regular clothes – my belly and boobs are bigger, but 2 sizes up and there is no shape at all and I look like I have given up on life and clothing and am wearing a 2-person tent.

I bought one maternity top as soon as I found out I was pregnant as the shop was closing down. When I wear it I feel beautiful and maternal and everyone tells me I am glowing and how pregnancy suits me. When I wear one of the few concession tops I have bought since, little kids snicker and point, women shake their heads and men look at my husband sympathetically. So yes, I see the point of spending on maternity clothing, if only they had more stores that sold them!

When I went for our 12 week scan I was completely distraught by how tiny everyone was. Here were mommies carrying their second babies, months ahead of me and I swear they looked like super models and you couldn’t tell
they were pregnant at all while I waddled back and forth with my giant belly.

At least the doctors don’t seem concerned at all with my weight, they have said everything looks good and all is well and as it should be. I am eating reasonably healthily except for the occasional Chinese food splurge, drinking plenty of water and my sugar levels and blood pressure have been perfect every time. I am just carrying big – it happens – and no, my baby is not bigger than she should be at all, her growth is spot on for her dates and yes, we are quite sure she is not twins and there is “only one in there” but thanks to every person I know and don’t know for checking. Also, I am not just generally fat, as in people shown as fat or obese on tv, or I would happily fit into bigger regular clothes.

Is there anybody else out there that is carrying big or carried big from early in pregnancy or am I genuinely the first of my kind? In which case, I should sell my story as a reality Tv show and make millions for my little girls education; “The lady in the tent” has a nice ring to it :)

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