Supermommy 7 ~ Candice’s Story

I was always going to share this story with you; even before I created Surrounded by Supermommies. This mommy takes on everything with strength and guts and heart. She had taken on doctors and hospitals and preconceived notions on an array of subjects for her boys and she has won every battle.
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The Pillow Nest

Pillow Nests, Postnatal Distress & Dudes to Dads

Pregnancy is exhausting. As I enter the third trimester, Charly has grown big enough that she is occupying the majority of my insides, meaning all my organs are permanently squished up at the top. This in turn means that my stomach is squished – so I always feel over-full even though I am starving (leaving me feeling constantly unsatisfied); I feel nauseous most of the time; my reflux (which has been horrifying since the day I fell pregnant) is now pretty much non-stop and no amount of Gaviscon, changing what I eat or changing my position makes any difference at all; and I feel out of breath even sitting still as my diaphragm and lungs are unceremoniously shoved into a corner. [Read more…]