My Journey Pregnancy Loss

Ectopic pregnancy and emergency surgery (When a miscarriage isn’t a miscarriage)

A month and 2 days since I shared what I thought was the worst thing I could share. I had to re-read it now, to try to figure out where to begin. It hurts every inch of my soul to read it, especially knowing how much worse it was going to get. For 6 days, I mourned losing a baby. I raged over everything; but I had no idea how angry I would get. I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever go to the bathroom again without my mind preparing me for too much bleeding. I was in so much pain with the cramping… And I was heartbroken, for myself and so very much for my Charly. For 6 days I experienced a miscarriage, only to find out I was still pregnant. But this was not good news… Because there is a difference between a pregnancy and an ectopic pregnancy.