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10 Tips for weaning your toddler

I did zero research on how to go about weaning my toddler; I went purely from my gut, my mommy instinct if you will, and it backfired a bit here and there. Although my weaning journey is only just beginning, I have some advice that you can use (or not) from my own experience of the past few weeks. So here are my 10 tips for weaning your toddler.

Breastfeeding Experiences Learnings My Journey Toddler (1-2yo)

How many times can the mommy heart break?

As I face the week ahead, my heart is heavy and there are tears in my throat. From tomorrow I start a slow journey to weaning my daughter and I feel shattered over it. As I lie here, breastfeeding my 20 month old to sleep at naptime for possibly the last time, I can’t help wondering, just how many times can the mommy heart break?

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When breastfeeding sucks

I am still breastfeeding my 19 month old daughter. I never thought I would be, although I intended to give it my best try until she was 6 months old; I was just never as gung-ho on the whole breast is best movement as the usual toddler-breastfeeding mom. In fact, it always kind of creeped me to see a toddler breastfed before I had my own (I know I’m not meant to say that “out loud”).

Series Surrounded by Supermommies

Supermommy 1 ~ Melanie’s Story

Welcome to the first installment of Surrounded by Supermommies (read this for context). I start with sharing the story of amazing mommy Melanie. This is a long read; so go get yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate and a box of tissues.