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Mommy, what does beautiful look like? (Avoid the question)

There are some questions you know you will have to answer as a girl mom… Where do babies come from? What is a period? Why doesn’t (somebody) like me? Each question holds its own fears for me. As someone with incredibly low self esteem, the scariest questions for me are around the concept of being beautiful. After all, what DOES beautiful look like? The instinctive answer in my head is always, “not like me”. I have no idea where it started, but I know it never ended. I would do anything to avoid ever having Charly even ask the question! Because that would mean she had a sense of it herself.

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Pampers, Parties & Pictures

I pampered myself a lot the week before last. Starting with the lovely Venetia Isaacs who runs a professional mobile therapy service who came to do my eyebrows & eyelashes; I then had the amazing Nelia de Andrade (also a mobile beauty therapist) come and do a mani-pedi, using bright Watermelon nailpolish that I am now totally obsessed with! I also met with Stephanie Leonard who did my hair & makeup for the maternity shoot on Sunday. All these amazing women who are running their own successful businesses are so inspiring! Nothing is quite as appealing to me, as a pregnant woman, as people coming to my house and making me feel beautiful for a little while! [Read more…]