Surrounded by Supermommies so far

Before we head into August’s Supermommies‘ stories; I thought I would do a quick sum up of the mommies whose stories I have shared so far.

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Even though I have known these stories for quite some time; reliving them through the interviews and writing has reinforced my reason for sharing them. These women are amazing; every one of us has lessons to learn from them. I really hope you will help me in my mission to share these stories with other mommies, so that there are less mommies out there feeling alone.

Without further ado; from the most recent, these are our Supermommies so far…

5. Maz’s Story

holding knox for the first time
Our fifth Supermommy is someone I respect hugely. I have been following Maz’s story on her blog Caffeine and Fairydust (how amazing is that name?!) for quite some time now. Maz had an incredibly stressful first pregnancy, being told in the first 6 months that there was no way her baby would survive; the extensive stress and fear deeply affected her ability to bond with her new daughter. It also affected her second pregnancy, perhaps not in the way you might expect.

4. Carla’s Story

First love
A last minute addition that added great value to our series, was my featured blog for July Carla Gabrielle Smith, who blogs over at Diary of a Fit SA Mommy. Having read Carla’s Pregnancy Diary, I knew she had waged quite the war during her mommy journey, so I thought adding her to the Supermommies’ series was appropriate. So, here we go…

3. Cassey’s Story

Cass & Keiden
She was diagnosed with PCOS and defied the odds by falling pregnant. She was diagnosed with a dying placenta and warned she could lose her baby. She had her hopes of natural birth shattered with an emergency c-section; which left her alone without her baby or her husband when he was rushed to NICU instead of the quiet bonding time she had imagined. Her brand new baby got a preventable potentially fatal bacteria. She had to watch that baby undergo two surgeries before he was 6 months old. She is a full time mom all day and a working mom after hours, who runs her own blog, and she will be adding Post Grad student in the next few months.

2. Lindsay’s Story

Mommy's girl
Today’s story belongs to Lindsay, a single mommy, who overcame her fear and chose to get out of a destructive relationship to protect her unborn child. She accepted the helping hands offered to her and stepped into the unknown; she dealt with overwhelming heartbreak, anger, and loss; she re-evaluated her whole life; she found herself and her trust and has even found love again. Lindsay is proof that you can do it; you can escape, you can recover, you can start over.

1. Melanie’s Story

Last stretch hospital
Melanie has a wonderful life; but none of it came easily. She had to endure five years of heartbreak and disappointment, strain on her marriage, invasive tests and surgeries and treatments before getting pregnant. She had to face the unfathomable fear of nearly losing those precious babies after all she had overcome to carry them at 21 weeks. She had to spend 17 weeks on bed rest, fearing every day that they might be born too soon and be in danger. She had to leave her tiny babies to take the next step in her career. And she has done it all to get to where she is now.


I am so honoured to share these stories with you, and even more so to have these women in my life. Please share their stories every way you can.

Don’t miss our first Supermommy for August tomorrow. You’ll need to keep those tissues handy…

Sending all the love xx


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