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Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired!

I know it has been too long between posts and this one will probably be largely unsatisfying too. I am still sick. I went to the doctor as mentioned last week and was greatly relieved that although my glands were swollen, there was no fever and so no need for antibiotics at that point. I had an upper respiratory tract infection, very inflamed throat and lots of congestion, but Doctor said if I got into bed and stayed there, took panado for the pain and drank loads of fluids and made sure my temperature stayed low and it stays out of my chest – no antibiotics.

So I was an angel last week; from Wednesday to Saturday morning I stayed in bed, got up only to eat and pee, took my panado, drank liters of water and took my temperature every 4-5 hours. By Friday evening I was feeling weak, but slightly better and I had not had a fever even once all week.

Saturday was the big issue for me. I have mentioned a few times that four of my closest ladies on earth have had babies in the past 18 months. What I haven’t mentioned is that one of those ladies, my baby sister, styles beautiful themed photoshoots for kids with a talented photographer, who with 3 little girls of her own (including twins) is endlessly patient with small kids. I was so in love with the idea and so desperate to be involved in a shoot somehow that I came up with a cunning plan… For their first birthdays, I booked a big group shoot for the mommies, their babies and me. This was before I was pregnant, so I didn’t know then that our little girl would be in the shoot too – though in my belly at the time. Of course, the shoot was scheduled for Saturday.

There were moments last week, where I felt I would have to let the shoot go ahead without me. I was totally traumatised by the idea, but I didn’t want to risk making my babies sick or getting myself more sick. As mentioned, by Friday I was feeling a lot better, so I worked out with the photographers and my sister that I would come, but the parts of the shoot with me in would move a little earlier so I would not push it too far. Saturday was lovely, a little windy but otherwise sunny and clear. The shoot was so much fun and it was great to see my sister’s imagination come to life – even though the wind tried really hard to stop it. I got to spend time with my girls and the babies and I just know the photos are going to be amazing. That’s the up…

The down is simple; I got caught up in the day. I didn’t eat properly, I was on my feet from 11h30 til about 16h30, I was talking to my friends and playing with the babies; I didn’t notice the time or how quickly the weather turned cold; until I did. At 16h30 all my energy disappeared and I felt terrible, I was achy, my voice was mostly gone and I was starving. My mom and I left to come home, where Brett and my dad were wrapping up some work on the house, then we headed out around the corner to get some food. We were home by 19h00 and I was in bed a few minutes after that. I threw up for the first time since around 11 weeks pregnant, just my body’s way of letting me know I had pushed my luck a little too far.

Yesterday I started coughing, not a lot, but when I do I feel like my ribs are going to crack open and my voice has not fully returned since Saturday. It still doesn’t really feel like it is in my chest and my temperature is still a nice steady 36.5, but I have put myself back on bed rest. If I do not feel a lot better by tomorrow or if I feel even a little worse, I solemnly swear I will return to the Doctor on Wednesday for the antibiotics. I can’t go on like this much longer anyway, I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired!! This is trimester 2 – I need to enjoy some of the perks of that before heading into the final trimester!

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