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Reasons to be happy

And now, back to the happy side of things. Brett and I seem to have finally found our groove again; as he puts it, we are finally adjusting to the “new normal”. I am so very blessed to have such a loving, supportive husband.

And Charly. She is just so amazing! Although she has passed 25 weeks old, she is only officially 6 months on Sunday.

She is so strong, she sits alone for ages at a time and she loves to stand and jump and roll and get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth. She can move all around my bed already, rolling and diving and flinging herself in all directions – it can be terrifying!

She is so beautiful; I can’t believe how pretty she is and I must admit I get a real sense of pride when people say she looks like me, even though her best features are from her daddy.

She is incredibly smart; you can see her mind working all the time as she teaches herself to do things – and heaven forbid you try to teach her or help her, she literally swats you away and keeps trying until she gets it right or flings it across the room. She is stubborn already, which I guess she gets from both of us.

She is a very smily little girl, when she isn’t struggling with her teeth or any of the other nonsense she’s had to deal with, she is so happy and content. And her smile lights up the room when she sees Brett or I, and those dimples!!

She has a gorgeous laugh, but you have to work for it; she is not easily impressed with our funny antics – I can already see her rolling her eyes at us in the near future.

She loves her toys, she will sit and chatter to them for up to an hour without interruption. And she loves books; turning pages and patting the animals in the pictures, and of course eating them too. We got her a few educational toys this weekend and she has already figured out all on her own how to take each ring off the stacking tower.

And now we are waiting for the first “words”, the dada, baba, mama ones. She used to “talk” a lot to us, “agoo” was her favourite and she made a very close approximation of “owow” for a while too, but that seems to have passed now. She is however varying her pitch and tone a lot at the moment, so from the other room it sounds almost like she is having full conversations.

She is growing and changing so fast and even though it can be overwhelmingly hard, I am loving being her mommy. I even had a ball shopping for a whole 6-12 month wardrobe for her at the Woolies sale. I cannot wait for all the clothes to get back from the laundry tomorrow so I can dress her up and plan her outfits for our busy weekend.

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