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Preggi Bellies & PICT team up for Pregnancy Awareness Week

As some of you might be aware, February is host to pregnancy awareness week. The purpose of this week is to promote and share knowledge on the importance of proper prenatal care and how to best have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. With that in mind, I have teamed up with Preggi Bellies to share a little on the importance of healthy balanced exercise during pregnancy, and they have agreed to give my readers – you – a free medical screening and a free class so you can see what they do.

PiCT class voucher

Preggi Bellies is not “just another exercise class”. The brand has been helping mommies to stay fit and healthy through their pregnancies, births and recoveries for 10 years. Their classes and training are guided and overseen by THE expert on exercise in pregnancy, Dr Etti Barsky, the lead author of the official South African guidelines for exercise in pregnancy.

A few reasons you should try to maintain an exercise routine while pregnant include –

  • You are less likely to gain excess pregnancy weight, and you will lose the weight faster after birth
  • Pregnancy-related complaints such as lower back pain and pubic bone pain (yes, those are very real things!) happen less frequently
  • Your chances of medical complications of pregnancy such as pregnancy-induced diabetes; varicose veins and haemorrhoids are also reduced.
  • There is evidence that women  who exercise in pregnancy have a shorter and less complicated labour, with a decreased need for surgical intervention.
  • Recovery after either a vaginal delivery or caesarean section will be faster.
  • You will experience better energy levels and a better mood

While gentle exercise will always be good for you, there are specific benefits to using a proper exercise program put together and monitored by experts. Every pregnancy is different; from the experience of physical discomfort, little niggles that might develop, or even more serious medical conditions that could impact on your health and your ability to exercise.

An expert or experienced trainer will be able to keep track of this with you, making individual modification to the types of exercises you should do, and how much exercise can be done safely while ensuring you still get the most out of it.

Preggi Bellies trainer

Preggi Bellies has worked with over 16,000 moms, has classes in Cape Town, Joburg, and Pretoria, and is supported and recommended by medical aids and gynaecologists.

Every mom-to-be is given a proper medical screening and an individual profile is created and kept updated by experienced expert trainers who monitor and support you throughout your pregnancy. You can even get a private consultation with a nutritionist to create a personalised healthy eating plan to support your pregnancy.

A big part of pregnancy awareness week is education – learning more about how to take care of yourself and your baby. I am proud to be able to offer you this introduction to Preggi Bellies and I hope you take advantage of the free medical screening and that free class. To set it up, you simply call 0860 723 559 and quote the voucher code PICTPreggi. Let me know how it goes??

Sending all the love xx

*I haven’t been paid in any way to share this with you; I just think this is an awesome program and wanted to share the free screening and class with you x

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