Playschools preschools and making lists

Schools… Anyone else get a twisty tummy when they realise their kids are actually old enough to be thinking of this; or, even worse, that they should have been thinking of this the moment they peed on a stick? Yep – me, this week.

Too fast
I have come to realise that even though my daughter is only 17 months old, I should have mapped out, interviewed at and secured places for her in a play school and a pre-school (yes, they are different) and have done so with my dream prep school in mind (Cue ugly crying).

Putting together a list was a nightmare, which a friend partially dragged me out of by sending me a comprehensive list of play schools (stage 1). She received said list from one of the school’s that require being added to the waiting list at the stick-peeing stage, so it seems legit. And there are 29 playschools on it! 29!!! And then I need to create or find another list for pre-schools the second I get through the first list (Yet more ugly crying).

Note, all of this crying is simply over the admin work involved – going through lists, reading up on their way of doing things, filling out ENDLESS forms, going on visits. It hasn’t begun to encompass the fact that I won’t be with my baby every day and I will be missing SO much, thanks Cassey for reminding me of that part!

I want to wallow; I want to lie and eat tons of Cadbury’s chocolate while ugly crying over baby pictures of my sudden toddler. But there is no TIME for that!!

So, instead, I am making lists of questions that need to be asked of these people who will be spending their days raising my baby, watching and helping her grow and learn new things and make new friends and… I even called in the cavalry in the form of the Mamahood groups to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything vital that I need to know.

I’ve gotten amazing feedback from all the mamas in the groups and will be putting together the most comprehensive list ever this week and sharing it with all of you. In the meantime though; if you haven’t shared yet, I would love your thoughts too.

What questions have you asked or do you wish you had asked?

Sending all the love xx


  1. says

    Isn’t sharing the pain halving it? And you did make the point that although we’ll miss some things, we did get a lot of the big stuff, so it won’t be all bad.


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