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Playing catchup ~ 6/9

I feel awful about being so absent, not only here but in every aspect of my life. That one week of the plague and the fact that Charly’s sleep has regressed once again to her waking roughly 3 times an hour has knocked me off my game. But I am slowly starting to get on top of things again so I decided to play catchup and let you know what is going on with the me.

I have been drowning in work, scraping through on every deadline. I have been working around the clock doing research and writing and trying to balance my schedule, while constantly fighting the overwhelming urge to curl up and sleep. Any idea how hard it is to work on your phone in a darkened room with your sleeping toddler when she has woken you 17 times the night before? Yep, that.

super tired baby

I genuinely didn’t think it was possible for her to get cuter and smarter and busier… But she does, every day.

Charly Roses

Charlotte Rose

I also didn’t think it was possible for her to wake more than every 90 minutes, but she has, every day for the last 3 weeks. I suspect she’s having nightmares, as she talks in her sleep and shouts “nonono” and cries and screams for me and clings to me while I sit up with her in my lap rocking her. It can’t be night terrors because she wakes up completely and then fights going back to sleep. It’s awful to wake up to your baby being that upset and being unable to do anything other than stop yourself from crying in exhaustion and rock her back to sleep.

Charly Roses

And guys, she was accepted at our first choice nursery school for next year!! The 65 questions didn’t scare them off at all… So now, somehow I need to start mentally preparing myself for my baby going to school in January. I’m also planning to try weaning her in December, partly for school and partly to see if it helps with her night waking. I’m terrified of that whole time period now!

The last of my Surrounded by Supermommies series goes live tomorrow. I am both sad to let it go for now and hugely relieved. It has been a very demanding series in terms of emotional empathy and time, with each story taking me a minimum of three days to put together and at least that long to shake off. I am incredibly proud of each and every story and I feel like I have achieved my goal of sharing these incredible mommies’ stories and letting other mommies feel less alone as they’ve read them. I would love if you would keep sharing them on you social media to help us reach more mommies.

PiCT Supermommies Blog Banner

I am going to take a week completely off from anything and then I have some gorgeous babies to introduce you to and after that, the buildup to Christmas starts – and you all know how much I LOVE Christmas! Well, I am doing lots of research and chatting to some amazing brands and putting together something exciting for you come October!

Just a reminder to all of you that you can take advantage of the 10% discount on the amazing The Book Owl service by using the easy code provided – you can get more details on that here. And don’t miss the awesome new giveaway starting on Tuesday – you get an extra 2 days to enter because I am off at the WordPress conference on Thursday and Friday (yay)!

Coming up
In the next 2 weeks there will be a story about an amazing fellow blogger who I adore who also became a brand new mommy on Friday!! (A million congratulations Jonelle)

You will notice in my sidebar that I am also pledging with the Santa Shoebox project, so I will be sharing a little on that and on how you can get involved and help as well. It’s such a special drive and I loved taking Charlotte with me to the shops to choose special things for all our kids.

Santa Shoebox

So that’s a wrap from me for now.

Sending all the love xx

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