Porridge Brain Ramblings

I have been working on a post about pregnancy symptoms the past 2 days – yes, they are many and varied. As you can probably tell, this is not that post. Although, it does touch on one of the symptoms I struggle quite a lot with – pregnancy/porridge brain depending on your preference.   [Read more…]

Pregnant in Cape Town = here we go

Here we go…

So! Here we go… At 6 weeks pregnant I was very frustrated (as I am by most everything right now) by the lack of easily accessible resources and information on pregnancy and all things related to pregnancy specific to Cape Town. After hours of sifting through loads of mostly irrelevant information, I decided I wanted to create a space where anyone pregnant in Cape Town could go to find shared experiences, all relevant resources and information in one place. (2018 Spoiler alert, that didn’t happen). [Read more…]