The Lady in the Tent

I have briefly mentioned in previous posts that I am carrying “big”. I am rather more like a 6 month pregnant fairy than the reality of 3 and a half months. The tears every time I read online how readers should not feel badly for not showing yet and how normal it is (every single week), have become quite traumatic.
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Trimester Two

Pregnancy has highlighted the fact that I hide when I am scared, I have done since I was young. My method of choice is to become completely engrossed in books or series or general busy-work, but essentially I put off facing whatever it is until I can’t anymore. I have always said this is how I process things, and maybe it is, because I am not a person who likes to react in the moment and I can eventually rationalise myself into re-engaging with the world and that which has sent me running. It has become more obvious of late as it seems every day of pregnancy brings some new fear along with it and my method of hiding appears to be avoiding writing about whatever I am feeling so as not to “make it real” until I have a handle on things.  [Read more…]

Mickey Mouse Ears

Mickey Mouse Ear Knees

Since I was very little I have suffered from spontaneously dislocating kneecaps. Essentially if I put my foot down the wrong way or slip, my kneecap slips to the side of my leg and then pops back in causing enough pain that, as I have gotten older and my joints less flexible, I pass out, which is less than ideal particularly when the last two occasions it happened I was crossing roads. [Read more…]


Coming along nicely…

Things are definitely coming along nicely… I have started my research for the resources page, have had the Paint version of my logo (designed by me) polished up by a graphic designer on the Internet, have had hubby put together a forum, have set up my Facebook and Twitter accounts, have invited everyone to check it all out, have posted a few blogs and even taught myself how to create and install widgets and plugins on the website; but then there are days like today where I look at something simple like creating the first forum category and it all just seems impossible. [Read more…]


Porridge Brain Ramblings

I have been working on a post about pregnancy symptoms the past 2 days – yes, they are many and varied. As you can probably tell, this is not that post. Although, it does touch on one of the symptoms I struggle quite a lot with – pregnancy/porridge brain depending on your preference.   [Read more…]