Pain & Productivity – An Up and Down Week

People lie. Everyone says pregnancy gets “uncomfortable” in the last trimester; there is a big difference between uncomfortable and painful. Everything hurts most of the time – my belly hurts from my beautiful baby doing her gymnastics; my arms, legs, hands and feet are constantly swollen and achy; I’ve had pins and needles in my right hand for 5 days now; my back hurts; rolling over in bed hurts; standing up hurts – everything hurts. [Read more…]


January Dudes 2 Dads Event


Another shout out to the daddies and daddies-to-be! The December Dudes 2 Dads event was sadly cancelled due to Mandela’s Memorial. It will be held at the Colosseum Hotel in Century City, Cape Town next week Wednesday at 18h30. [Read more…]

Struggling As Birth Approaches

I am struggling to write again, unable to quite put how I am feeling into words. I have been unusually down this past week, and only managed to have 2 productive work days – though I managed to nail 5 articles over those 2 days due to using the other days for research. [Read more…]

Pregnancy Paranoia, Darkness & 3 Lights

My emotions are all over the place at the moment. I am hypersensitive to everything from the passing comments of strangers to the absence of comments, to Brett being back at work, to not hearing from friends to feeling too in demand with friends, to excessive noise to too much quiet – the list is never ending. I feel like all my emotional nerve endings are exposed. [Read more…]

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Recommended Reading for Pregnancy

Many of you will have been told not to read too much about pregnancy so as not to “scare you” or “put thoughts in your mind” as I prefer to call it. While still others of you will have been told to read everything you can get your hands on to prepare yourself for what is to come. I guess which advice you follow should really depend on what kind of person you are. I tend to be far more afraid of what I don’t know and so I chose a select few sources to read religiously and avoid as much of the noise of the rest of the world as I can. [Read more…]

Pregnant Woman

Five Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Woman

As promised, a post on things you should never EVER say to a pregnant woman. As you may have gathered, these things have either been said to me or to someone I know in the recent past and with a lot of restraint I have managed to refrain from direct physical attack… thus far. So many people are just completely self-involved and don’t think before they speak; at least I choose to believe that this is the case, because if they do know what they are saying I might well end up having Charly in prison; so I will write this post in the hopes that you will all share it with everyone you know who will share it with everyone they know and less people might end up on the hit list of pregnant women everywhere. [Read more…]

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Pampers, Parties & Pictures

I pampered myself a lot the week before last. Starting with the lovely Venetia Isaacs who runs a professional mobile therapy service who came to do my eyebrows & eyelashes; I then had the amazing Nelia de Andrade (also a mobile beauty therapist) come and do a mani-pedi, using bright Watermelon nailpolish that I am now totally obsessed with! I also met with Stephanie Leonard who did my hair & makeup for the maternity shoot on Sunday. All these amazing women who are running their own successful businesses are so inspiring! Nothing is quite as appealing to me, as a pregnant woman, as people coming to my house and making me feel beautiful for a little while! [Read more…]

Chaos & Starting All Over

Apologies for the delay in the babyshower-maternity shoot post; it is written but last week was not a good one and it didn’t feel right posting it – I don’t like to mix my happy & my sad, it feels wrong somehow. [Read more…]


Dudes to Dads Event

This one goes out to the daddies and daddies-to-be! As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I discovered what looks to be an awesome event for dads at my last antenatal class and as promised, see above the flyer for the next event happening in Town on 11 December. [Read more…]

The Pillow Nest

Pillow Nests, Postnatal Distress & Dudes to Dads

Pregnancy is exhausting. As I enter the third trimester, Charly has grown big enough that she is occupying the majority of my insides, meaning all my organs are permanently squished up at the top. This in turn means that my stomach is squished – so I always feel over-full even though I am starving (leaving me feeling constantly unsatisfied); I feel nauseous most of the time; my reflux (which has been horrifying since the day I fell pregnant) is now pretty much non-stop and no amount of Gaviscon, changing what I eat or changing my position makes any difference at all; and I feel out of breath even sitting still as my diaphragm and lungs are unceremoniously shoved into a corner. [Read more…]

Breastfeeding 101 – some fears allayed

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, a few key points stuck with me after antenatal class on Tuesday evening with regards to breastfeeding. I have had more friends who did not manage to breastfeed successfully for a variety of reasons than those that did manage it, and so I have witnessed the heartache and unjustified sense of failure that not being able to has brought. [Read more…]

Charly in 4D

Wonder, Learning & Decision-Making

I am blown away by technology on so many levels and the 4D scan yesterday was no exception – what an amazing experience! Some of you will have seen the video I posted, which is the perfect example of how 4D scans work. When it begins, the shadows make the image quite terrifying, but after a few seconds it shifts and you can clearly see her face emerge. How unbelievable is that? [Read more…]

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Downs, Ups & Antenatal Classes

As mentioned on social media, the past couple of weeks has been rough. A combination of our little girl growing like crazy and the stress that is putting on my body, with the Summer heat kicking in and insomnia mixed with heartburn and nausea, is taking its toll. I am also having to face some people from my past that I would rather avoid, just thinking about it is enough to get my pulse racing and my head pounding – but needs must. [Read more…]

The “Babymoon”

My husband tried desperately – and unsuccessfully – to convince me that a “babymoon” was not a real thing. Of course, I had read about it years ago and they do such things in the movies, of which I am an avid fan, so he was destined to fail. Having done it, I am even more convinced that it is something that every couple needs to do before they are joined by their little person – especially if it is your first. [Read more…]