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Our Watercolour Heart Winner

I loved this beautiful sentiment that Jess from Watercolour Heart shared this week, so I thought I would start with it!

WCH bubbaI so believe this to be true. Charly LOVES to draw; she would ideally like to draw everywhere – from floors to walls to ceilings; she managed to secret away one of her crayons (that we generally watch like a hawk), and then coloured the floor of her tent bright yellow. She was super proud, repeating “tent lellow” while grinning. Maybe how we react to things like that is what squashes that artistic ability in our kids… the yelling. I didn’t, I couldn’t; I just laughed my ass off and told her the lellow floor looked beautiful. Hopefully she never tries on daddy’s wooden floors; pretty sure he won’t find that funny!

Colour1         Colour2           Colour3

Anyway, I have drifted slightly off topic. Thank you all for sharing the Watercolour Heart review; it was shared 600 times this week! That is amazing and I am so glad we have helped get Jess’s name and talent out into the world! I hope those of you that don’t win today, still go ahead and contact Jess on and get your perfect moments turned into works of art by this talented lady! She really is incredibly affordable, so get your orders in now and stock up on Christmas gifts already – yes, I went there…

Also, follow her on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest 🙂 I have a feeling she is somebody that is definitely worth watching; another reason to invest in one of her beautiful illustrations; in the not too distant future I’m sure they will be worth a whole lot more!

Collage pics

And now over to the main event… Who is going to win their very own soon-to-be invaluable work of art…

I’m running the draw similarly to how I did the last one; with one small change – I am randomly mixing the names in the spreadsheet to spread your likelihood of winning around somewhat!

Still 3 sets of numbers in different colours… This is the order the final number will appear –


Our adorable little helper picks one of each, in a random order to increase the variety…







The winner is

I find the number on the spreadsheet…Rachel

Yay congrat to Rachel Goldstuck! Please send your contact information to so I can pass it on to Jess!

For those who missed it, I have been a busy bee the past few days, with posts aplenty ~ there was a July review of our amazing Supermommies; the newest Supermommy (who you will need many many tissues to read about) and yesterday I finally got to post about the questions you need to ask before sending your little one to a school.

A very special request to all of you; please share anything you love on the blog and help me reach more people – it really is as easy as clicking on the  buttons at the end of the post. It is my mission at the moment to share our stories with as many mommies as I can, to make sure none of us is every left feeling alone.

Sending all the love xx

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