1. Chastin Dreyer says

    Agree with your post hun, I always wanted to be a mom and identified as a mom from the get go but only later did I actually really find my place as a mom and there are days when it still feels unreal

    • Pregnant In Cape Town says

      Thanks Chastin. Good to know I am not the only one who walks around with that surreal feeling half the time :)

  2. says

    I SO get this! I hardly ever feel like an adult enough to take care of myself never mind the responsibility for another human being! I can’t wait to fill the fridge door with little works of art or hear all about the school day. All in due time of course… <3

    • Pregnant In Cape Town says

      Thanks love. It comes slowly but all at once. It is a bizarre feeling. But yes, all in good time, and love the squishie stage while it lasts 😀 x


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