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Have you heard of Umatie?

When I posted a million years ago, I mentioned that I was trying out Umatie baby and kids food. The fact that my toddler is embracing the terrible twos with every iota of her little being and refusing to eat pretty much anything, means that this review was delayed. By a lot.

Umatie 1

Thankfully the Umatie meals can be frozen for up to 8 weeks – take that toddler! She eventually cracked and went into an “only sausages” stage and I had my in!! We had ordered “Max’s stew” which had pork sausages, bacon, beans and carrots in a tomato sauce with sweet potato and potato mash. She devoured those sausages as if they were the last food on earth. And then asked for more. Which we did not have. And there ended our winning streak when she went into broccoli flowers only stage. Sigh.

On the upside, her refusing to eat meant that I have gotten to eat most of the Umatie foods myself. If you take as much comfort in cheesy pasta as I do, right as your kid starts heading into the “twos”, place a bulk order of their Mac & Cheese. I can honestly say it is the best Mac I have ever had – sorry all family members who make it just for me, I still love yours… but to weather the storm of the terrible two tantrums, this is an investment worth making. Oh, your kids will love it too! But if they decide that today is the day they only lick the butter off perfectly toasted bread, you can drown your sorrows by eating it yourself.

Nomnom Umatie MnC

Things we love about Umatie

    • The website is incredibly simple to use
    • The meals are cooked fresh in small batches before being frozen to keep in the goodness
    • They deliver once a week depending on your location
    • Meals have been approved by a qualified dietician to make sure your little human is getting the right balance and quantities of food
    • They cater for all stages of early childhood : from first foods for babies starting the weaning process to children of five years old
    • It’s family owned and run : the numbers on their website are for them personally, not a call centre or shop assistant
    • There is no sugar, salt, preservatives or additives in the baby meals (they do add a “teeny bit” of pink salt and brown sugar to some of the older kiddies meals)
    • Their packaging is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable; as well as being freezer friendly and microwave safe.

Umatie website

We are terrible parents – seriously, when it comes to food we are. We eat far more takeout than we should – we are a work in progress. And we go with Charly’s weird food demands where we can, as long as there is some nutritional value in what she is eating. We have taken the online experts of “they won’t starve”, “it is a stage”, “it is an important part of developing independence” very much to heart. To be fair, from tiny we have trained her to love certain things – broccoli, carrots, peas, apples, bananas, mashed potato, eggs. So we have staples we can usually trick her into adding during one of her binges.

One of her staples is a delicious chicken stew that granny makes, full of veggies she doesn’t need to know about 😉 The first meal we tried was The Veggie Feast, recommended as a firm favourite of a friend’s son. With pasta, mushrooms, baby marrow and broccoli cheese sauce; it was basically all her favourite things. She wasn’t feeling very well, so didn’t eat a lot. I sneaked a taste and loved it so much we added it to the stew and the amazing flavours carried through perfectly, as well as adding the extra veggie goodness.

To the point, if you haven’t heard of Umatie, you should have. It really helped having some healthy balanced meals in the freezer that took 5 minutes to heat from frozen and meet Cs odd requests. Besides the “only sausages” stage, she has also had a few “only saghettis” days and there was a delicious spaghetti meal in the freezer to save me from the 20 minute meltdown that would likely have ensued. Thank you Umatie!

Umatie Packaging

It’s a great service and the food really is incredibly tasty and easy to prepare at a moment’s notice. I would definitely recommend you try it for your little ones (and the Mac n Cheese stash just for you!)

Sending all the love xx

*This is a sponsored post. All views are my own. I won’t share a service or product I haven’t tried or did not like or that didn’t deliver on it’s promises*

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