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Eagerly Awaiting Energy Influx

I am definitely feeling better than I have been, but the energy everyone has promised has not materialised as yet – hello, body – week 14!! *Sigh*

I am in actual fact writing this on my phone, buried under my double down duvet in bed at 4 in the afternoon – completely lacking in the energy to drag myself downstairs to my laptop and my second duvet on the couch.

To be fair to me, I have not been in bed all day; I woke up, bathed, put on my grown up clothes (i.e. not my pink striped Smurfette nightie) and drove my car aaaaall the way up Rosmead Avenue to get my brake discs and pads changed (apparently the squeeling of the past few weeks was my car telling me my front breaks were done with me). This turned into a 2 hour outing that left me with a headache (sitting in a garage with multiple cars running apparently makes you feel quite ill after a while), and my bank account and my energy reserves empty.

Other than that, I am feeling quite upbeat. Brett and I have been buying cute little pink outfits for our Baby girl (up on Facebook now) and we are trying to put together a last minute weekend away for Friday and Saturday night in De Kelders, my special heart home.

I have ordered the baby furniture, received the quote for the wall vinyl and will be getting quoted for new carpeting on Wednesday (if they show up this time).
So all is on track, with next gynae visit on Thursday at 09h00 – my first visit alone 🙁  Brett couldn’t get off this week again after 2 scans in the past 2 weeks, especially if we manage to go away, in which case he will need to get off half day on Friday (which is his birthday, so they have to be nice about it right!) Next post on being enormous will be up on Wednesday! Have a good evening mommies, daddies & mommies (&Daddies)-to-be!

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