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Downs, Ups & Antenatal Classes

As mentioned on social media, the past couple of weeks has been rough. A combination of our little girl growing like crazy and the stress that is putting on my body, with the Summer heat kicking in and insomnia mixed with heartburn and nausea, is taking its toll. I am also having to face some people from my past that I would rather avoid, just thinking about it is enough to get my pulse racing and my head pounding – but needs must.

On the upside, as painful as it is sometimes, I am loving feeling Charly move! I love that I don’t just have a belly bump anymore, I can actually feel her little body as she moves about. I also think she is hyperactive (possibly in response to my newfound addiction to milk and cookies), because she seems to move around near constantly – or at least until I offer to let someone else feel her when she suddenly freezes and refuses to move at all. A mind of her own already.

I am excited for next Tuesday! We are going for a 4D scan and my parents and sister will be there to share it with us and possibly Brett’s parents as well. Although I already think she has Brett’s nose, my shape face and what looks like my lips; it is hard to be sure from the other scans; and I cannot WAIT to see more of her features and get a glimpse of her little face! How incredibly blessed are we to have access to technologies that give us these sneak peaks into the future?!

I briefly referred to attending our first antenatal class last night. Everyone said the best time to go is around 6 months; I did not take into account that December and January would be short months for these courses! And so I was unable to get us into a new set of classes before January, which with Charly coming in February is cutting it a little close! I did a little investigating and found a lovely midwife that gives classes not too far away and negotiated that we attend the last 3 classes of her current course (which to me are the most important – Complications & moving to “plan B”, Breastfeeding & the newborn and Postnatal & what to expect) and then in January we will attend the first 3 classes.

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First impressions… the midwife was as lovely in person as she had been online, the other couples seemed really sweet and welcoming and the class was interesting and informative and, even with the reading I have done, it really made a difference to me to hear her address certain topics. I like the way she answers questions, uses a whiteboard to illustrate her point where necessary, uses a doll to show various complications and managed to get a laugh from the group even when discussing some serious and frightening topics.

On the other side, the course is very pro-ALL-natural birth, and as discussed in a previous post I am very uncomfortable with anyone who is 100% pro-anything other than the mother’s choice. She did handle this delicately, which I appreciated and she defends her viewpoint well and so though my hackles were up initially, I left at ease and feeling better informed than I had been previously. I also know that were I to attend a class that was more pro-cesarean section I would have been just as uncomfortable to begin with and they would be able to present their side while logically laying out the dangers of natural birth to mother and child. A strong belief is usually based in experience and research and I know there is plenty of both to go around on this topic.

Summary – we will be going back for the rest of the classes. I definitely see the value in learning from someone with years of experience and examples to share, I like meeting other parents-to-be and against my initial instinct, Brett and I were both really comfortable there and we walked away with new information to think about and talk through. Personally, I would recommend that people try to go in the magical fourth or fifth month of pregnancy, as two hours in the evening does feel like a really long time at 6 months.

As an aside – I spoke to another lovely mom-to-be in the waiting room at my gynae check up last week, she is a small built person and is carrying relatively small, and was a few days short of 6 months and also feeling the return of the bone-tiredness and general discomfort I thought was only starting earlier for me because of the size of my bump. I have also had some great conversations on Twitter with other mommies and mommies-to-be and there does seem to be a consensus that the slow down attributed to the third trimester does seem to actually begin at the end of the second. Who knew?

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