Creativity as a Symptom of Pregnancy

It seems creativity is my newest pregnancy symptom – a vast improvement on all the others to this point!

I saw the most beautiful butterfly chandelier on the Internet, but after searching online I couldn’t find anyone in South Africa who sold them. Although I could have ordered from overseas, the costs were high and the chances of potential damage a little steep for me.

So, against all good judgement I decided I was going to make one myself – haha! From a vague idea to an obsession, on Thursday I went in search of a butterfly punch – unsure if I even could find anything like it locally.

And I did! Along with 2 materials, card and a thin tracing paper, in pale pink, fishing line and glue –


The punch makes beautifully delicate little butterflies and I spent hours that night making them. The punch is quite stiff and requires a lot of effort to ensure the cuts are clean and the butterflies remain delicate.

First round.jpg

Then all the butterflies needed to be gently folded exactly half way so that at a later time one tracing paper butterfly could be glued back to back with a card butterfly.

And then came the really difficult part :) applying glue and getting 2 butterflies of different textures to stick to the fishing line and each other along a very narrow fold.


And they are looking amazing if I do say so myself; still a long way to go though. I need to restock on materials and to find the perfect piece to hang the lines of butterflies from.


I will keep you up to date on my grand creations. There is another in the works already!


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