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Christmas 2016 Winners Part 1

All the giveaways all the time! Our Bunchems and Watercolour Heart giveaways have been closed and I am announcing the first of our Christmas 2017 winners  right now!! There are more to enter, so just pop over here and DO IT!!

As it has been running the longest, let’s start with the Bunchems giveaway! THANK you for all the entries and for sharing my excitement in these awesome activity toys! While I have stolen most of them for my Christmas decor, I am still loving watching Charly think up and create weird and wonderful things. I actually prefer her not looking at the pictures, her ideas are so much more awesome!

Christmas Winners round 1 bunchems1

You guys, I GET that you might be nervous of the Bunchems getting caught in your kids hair, really. Two things, I solemnly swear that they are really NOT a big deal to get out, don’t panic or tug on them, just follow the really easy instructions or instructional video. Second thing, tie their hair up and keep an eye on them… think of them in the same way as painting or cutting and pasting – awesome for their development, but while little, supervised play.

mandy bunchems hair

After that public service announcement ūüėČ

THIS is the awesome Bunchems Mega Pack our lucky winner will be receiving!!!!

bunchems mega-pack-prize bunchems variety

You can find all the different packs at your closest Toy Kingdom store! You can see all the fun we had creating a range of awesome characters here <3

So, over to little miss to pick the first of our Christmas 2017 winners!

christmas winners round 1 b-draw

christmas winners round 1 b-winner#

christmas winners round 1 charlene

So many congrats Charlene Bhana!!

Please send all your contact information to so that the awesome Just Fun Kidz can organise delivery of your prize!!

Thank you so much to Just Fun Kidz If you haven’t followed their Facebook page already, you really should, they have the MOST awesome giveaways running!

And then for the older humans’ Christmas 2017 winners! The incredibly special Jess from Watercolour Heart made my Christmas by creating this gorgeous personalised Christmas bauble with Charly’s perfect face on it <3 It holds pride of place, dead centre in the middle of our tree so everybody can see it and appreciate its gorgeousness.

Christmas Winners Round 1 WCH

You guys, there are only 2 days until Watercolour Heart’s Print illustration orders close on Wednesday 7 December!!!¬† Jess will be taking orders for Digital illustrations up to Monday 12 December. There are a few more of the gorgeous baubles available with the print orders for just¬† R100 each added to the Always Remember Print Package or R150 each added to the Little Moments Print Package!!


christmas magic with watercolour heart illustratio

And remember you will also be getting 5 beautifully detailed original illustrated Christmas Cards with your print order!!

gorgeous christmas magic with-jess-and-watercolour-heart

Email Jess on to book your package now!

You can find Jess and Watercolour Heart HERE on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest!
And now to announce our very very lucky Watercolour Heart Christmas Magic winners (and welcome them into our #ChristmasBesties world)
Our runner up walks away with a R250.00 voucher that can be used on any Print Package (ORDER BEFORE WED)
christmas winners round 1 wch2

christmas winners round 1 wch-winner2

Christmas Winners Round 1 - wch2nd

Congratulations to Susann Deysel!!

Please send all your contact information to ASAP, so you can select your package and take advantage of your voucher before print orders end on Wednesday 7 December!!


Always Remember Print  package (1-3 subjects), the 5 beautifully illustrated christmas cards and a personalised Christmas bauble 

christmas 2017 winners round 1 wch1

christmas 2017 winners round #

christmas winners round 1

Woohooooo! Congrats Elana <3

Please send all your contact info to so Jess can get your photo from you and you can add your perfect Christmas bauble to your tree!


Sending all the love xxx






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