My poor baby, and by extension our little family, just can’t catch a break!! Charly has been impossible for about 10 days; as usual we blamed teething, even though she won’t let us look in her mouth. Something still seemed off though, so I took her to the GP to get checked out. Turns out she has fluid on the eardrum and the start of an ear infection.    [Read more…]


Stepping Into the Past

What a week! Charly was still feeling sick and teething, so we are still running on sleep fumes. She has seemed much happier yesterday and today, though the evil tooth 6 has still not fully cut! [Read more…]


Finding My Mommy Instinct

I am feeling so grateful for all the wonderful inspirational mommies in my life. Things are so difficult in my mommy-baby bubble at the moment and watching, reading and hearing about how all of you manage yourselves and your kids through the tough times is what is getting me by – so thank you [Read more…]


10 Things That Make Me Happy

This post is actually in response to an Instagram chain that I was tagged in a few times, so I thought it would be easier to do here – it will allow for more photos and I can refer back to it if anyone tags me again :) Anybody who would like to pick up the gauntlet on their blogs, be sure to tag me on Twitter or Instagram so I can read yours too! [Read more…]


Reasons to be happy

And now, back to the happy side of things. Brett and I seem to have finally found our groove again; as he puts it, we are finally adjusting to the “new normal”. I am so very blessed to have such a loving, supportive husband. [Read more…]


Escapism & Battling Positivity

I know I have been completely absent again. I enjoyed the writing challenge I was doing, I was loving writing every night while I fed Charly, but life was a bit hectic with baby all night wake ups and work, so I took a step back… And fell off the ends of the earth. [Read more…]