Holding Hands

Support in sisters who have never met

I have had a rough couple of months, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by things and underwhelmed by people and struggling to catch up on all the things on my to do list. I have suffered a few disappointments and struggled with myself over my purpose outside of being a mommy. I have been in need of support and inspiration, and I am blessed enough to have that.
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Mandy Lee Miller

Why I am a distracted parent 

Happy Women’s Day mammas. With today being all about celebrating how women can make a difference, I thought I would share a little bit about where I am on my journey to make a difference to other mammas, and a few other things.
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Fear of failure

The Fear of Failure

I am a writer; a “creative”, if you will. I am never completely satisfied that I have done my best, given my all, achieved what I set out to achieve. I get so inside of the story I’m writing that I can’t look at it or read it objectively.
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The tear

My 16 month old doesn’t sleep & other updates…

The past two weeks have been incredibly stressful and beyond exhausting. It began with me getting sick and then Charly got sick and then her teeth started forcing their way through the gums, leading to an entire week of hours of screaming at a time in the middle of the night. My poor angel has been suffering so much and nothing I have done has made it any better.
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The Charly Smiles

How do you manage your fear for your children?

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the fear we have for our children, particularly those of us living in South Africa, although not exclusively. I don’t know if I have been seeing these posts more because of my own anxiety or if there has just been an increase in our levels of awareness of all the things happening around us.
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All the Smiles

Wriggling & Rhyming Over Anxiety

I’ve briefly touched on my anxiety when being apart from Charly in the past. I haven’t really mentioned my general anxiety over taking her (or venturing myself) into new and unknown situations. But yes, that’s a thing. I would rather be home than anywhere else.

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My Most Beautiful Entry

You Know Charlotte is the Most Beautiful Baby…

Morning all! A somewhat different post today. So I am totally going to be hitting you up for some love. I know that Charlotte Rose is the most beautiful baby… And you know that she is the most beautiful baby… And I know that you know… So maybe you could spare a few moments and send an sms to tell the world she is too?

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100 Posts

I only realised when I was preparing the blog for the makeover last month, that I was approaching my 100th post. It may not seem like much to some; but it symbolizes so much for me.

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Time to take a breath

It occurs to me that the reason I’m not posting more regularly is because I am working on structured posts with set topics and I have been waiting to find the time to finish them properly and add all the right pictures and all that jazz. I need to step out of my head every now and then and remember to just post because I can; there’s no timeline on the fixed posts, I am allowed to post before them!
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New Year & New Goals

I can’t believe we are at the end of January already! This year is flying by faster than I would like. It seems in my head though that I am waiting for Charly’s first birthday and the new year only fully starts for me then. An odd feeling, but it is distinctly there, like I’m holding my breath and waiting for life to start ticking over again. [Read more…]



My poor baby, and by extension our little family, just can’t catch a break!! Charly has been impossible for about 10 days; as usual we blamed teething, even though she won’t let us look in her mouth. Something still seemed off though, so I took her to the GP to get checked out. Turns out she has fluid on the eardrum and the start of an ear infection.    [Read more…]


Stepping Into the Past

What a week! Charly was still feeling sick and teething, so we are still running on sleep fumes. She has seemed much happier yesterday and today, though the evil tooth 6 has still not fully cut! [Read more…]