What I didn't know

What I Didn’t Know About – What I’d Need For My New Baby

I am very much a believer in “what I don’t know could fill a book” so I would love to literally fill a book with the things I’ve learned since having Charly… But, since I can barely get to the things on my current “To Do” list, a series of blog posts put together on my cell phone as I feed her will have to suffice. Everybody thinks they know what they need for their new baby, most things can wait until quite a while after birth. [Read more…]


Our Birth Story: The C-Section Recovery (Part Two)

So, where were we… arriving back in our room and being set up with press-button morphine. Basically every time you start feeling sore, you press the button. I think there is a 10 minute (or so) window between when it will produce the goods. On top of that, every 4 hours a nurse brings you more pills and adds things to the IV. The pain management from the medication side is excellent when you are in the hospital. The rest of my c-section recovery was difficult on every level. [Read more…]


Excess Baggage

As you all know I created the most comprehensive hospital bag list known to man for Charly’s arrival. This resulted in my taking a small suitcase, a large togbag & an oversized handbag with me to the hospital. I opened each bag only once to get out what I would need & unsurprisingly that was not very much. Although I know that most of you will likely pack everything & the kitchen sink, just in case (& I still agree with that), you will be a different person the second your newborn is in your arms & you really won’t need anything else. [Read more…]


My Bags Are Packed & Ready To Go…

There are literally hundreds of lists available online and in books and magazines telling you what to pack for you and your new baby for your hospital stay. And yet, I found that no 2 lists had the same information, so all of them were missing something! It drove me mad & so I did what I do & started combining them all into one fully comprehensive list. [Read more…]

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Recommended Reading for Pregnancy

Many of you will have been told not to read too much about pregnancy so as not to “scare you” or “put thoughts in your mind” as I prefer to call it. While still others of you will have been told to read everything you can get your hands on to prepare yourself for what is to come. I guess which advice you follow should really depend on what kind of person you are. I tend to be far more afraid of what I don’t know and so I chose a select few sources to read religiously and avoid as much of the noise of the rest of the world as I can. [Read more…]

Pregnant Woman

Five Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Woman

As promised, a post on things you should never EVER say to a pregnant woman. As you may have gathered, these things have either been said to me or to someone I know in the recent past and with a lot of restraint I have managed to refrain from direct physical attack… thus far. So many people are just completely self-involved and don’t think before they speak; at least I choose to believe that this is the case, because if they do know what they are saying I might well end up having Charly in prison; so I will write this post in the hopes that you will all share it with everyone you know who will share it with everyone they know and less people might end up on the hit list of pregnant women everywhere. [Read more…]