A week of too much

This week has knocked me on my butt, literally at times. I’ve been extremely stubborn and determined about getting back up though, which I feel is progress. Let’s start at the beginning…
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Fear of failure

The Fear of Failure

I am a writer; a “creative”, if you will. I am never completely satisfied that I have done my best, given my all, achieved what I set out to achieve. I get so inside of the story I’m writing that I can’t look at it or read it objectively.
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MMH Coming soon

Are you a part of the Mamahood Village?

2 years ago on the 20th of July I wrote my first post here. I had the vision and the passion, but not the time or the energy, and I had no idea where to start. I tried for a while but after 3 months I admitted defeat, it was all too much for me, so I focused on the writing that I loved and growing my baby and my own business.
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100 Posts

I only realised when I was preparing the blog for the makeover last month, that I was approaching my 100th post. It may not seem like much to some; but it symbolizes so much for me.

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My Mommy Heart Broke

Last Friday another child intentionally hurt my baby girl for the first time; and a part of my heart just shattered as her face went from confusion to shock to pain and then crumpled as she fell back crying. I get an aching throb in my chest and my throat closes even remembering it and I want to wrap myself around her and never let her go. I started writing this post the evening it happened, but I kept crying. It’s taken me over a week to be able to finish it.

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Stepping Into the Past

What a week! Charly was still feeling sick and teething, so we are still running on sleep fumes. She has seemed much happier yesterday and today, though the evil tooth 6 has still not fully cut! [Read more…]


Our Birth Story: The C-Section Recovery (Part Two)

So, where were we… arriving back in our room and being set up with press-button morphine. Basically every time you start feeling sore, you press the button. I think there is a 10 minute (or so) window between when it will produce the goods. On top of that, every 4 hours a nurse brings you more pills and adds things to the IV. The pain management from the medication side is excellent when you are in the hospital. The rest of my c-section recovery was difficult on every level. [Read more…]

Temperature Terrors & Inoculation Ignorance

Last night I experienced my baby’s first fever; I’m really looking forward to when I experience a positive first. The first smile, the first laugh, the first time she sleeps through the night, even the first tooth though it may require some pain & tears will have a visible rewarding result; all my angel’s firsts thus far have been suffering without reward. [Read more…]

Absolute Fear

Warning – topic is bleeding in pregnancy which some might consider TMI; but if you are an expectant mommy, or daddy that might need to calm an expectant mommy, it might be worth the read. [Read more…]