Being Brave & the #CTMeetup

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since the #CTMeetup! For those of you not in blogging circles, this is an event organized by the incomparable Cindy Alfino, where bloggers across all disciplines step out from behind their screens and get together in real life.

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Happy Mother’s Day

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, my baby gave me the gift of motherhood. The living and breathing each moment for someone else; motivation to be more, to be better, to inspire, to let go, to grow. Becoming a mother stretches you physically, mentally and emotionally; it changes you for always. It is the gift of falling in love a little more every day for the rest of your life.
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100 Posts

I only realised when I was preparing the blog for the makeover last month, that I was approaching my 100th post. It may not seem like much to some; but it symbolizes so much for me.

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Number 99 & Teething Troubles

What a day! As you can see, I never reached my goal of posting my 100th post today. I am a little disappointed at that, but it is a special post for me, looking back at my journey so far as a mommy and a blogger; and I want it to get all the love it deserves.
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My Mommy Heart Broke

Last Friday another child intentionally hurt my baby girl for the first time; and a part of my heart just shattered as her face went from confusion to shock to pain and then crumpled as she fell back crying. I get an aching throb in my chest and my throat closes even remembering it and I want to wrap myself around her and never let her go. I started writing this post the evening it happened, but I kept crying. It’s taken me over a week to be able to finish it.

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Things in the works

Hi all. It’s been a busy few weeks and I’ve been making all kinds of changes.

I am SO excited to announce that the blog is getting a full makeover at the moment and will be re-launching in the first few days of May; so watch out for that! [Read more…]


Worst mommy ever

How often do you feel like the worst mommy ever? For me it’s too often lately. This time round it’s because I didn’t make a big deal out of Easter today. [Read more…]


A First Birthday Party

While the very special first birthday post went up on Charly’s actual birthday; I thought her first birthday party deserved a post as well. And just for you mommies, I’m adding in a full review of the venue we used as well. [Read more…]


Time to take a breath

It occurs to me that the reason I’m not posting more regularly is because I am working on structured posts with set topics and I have been waiting to find the time to finish them properly and add all the right pictures and all that jazz. I need to step out of my head every now and then and remember to just post because I can; there’s no timeline on the fixed posts, I am allowed to post before them!
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