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Pregnant in (Joburg) ~ Chatting with Karen Herman

Today’s interview is with Karen Herman from Joburg. As I was writing this, Karen was sitting in hospital waiting to hear if her baby girl would be arriving today at 35 weeks due to suspected pre-eclampsia. Luckily, the first round of tests have come back negative and she has been sent home to rest. For a while there I thought that would be two interviews in a row that I was introducing new babies to you :)
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Mushra pregnant  with baby 1

Pregnant in (Cape Town) ~ Chatting to Mushra Hartley

And here we go with our first Pregnant in (Cape Town) that isn’t me! An unimportant number of years ago, our featured momma and I were at school together, so I was so excited to reconnect with her after all these (not tooooo many) years. I loved so much of what Mushra had to say that today’s interview is a little longer than usual. I hope you find her as inspiring as I do!

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nicola & clinton

Pregnant in (KZN) ~ Chatting to Nicola Tweed

Today’s interview is with the amazing Nicola Tweed. You may recognise her name from here – she is the mad talent that helped create my gorgeous new website. Nicola found out she was pregnant the same day that I approached her and Andrea to redo my site – some things are just meant to be!

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100 Posts

I only realised when I was preparing the blog for the makeover last month, that I was approaching my 100th post. It may not seem like much to some; but it symbolizes so much for me.

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It Is Worth It

There has been an overwhelmingly warm and supportive response to yesterday’s post. Thank you all. I’m doing ok, really. Yesterday was a bad day, last night was the worst night since Charly was a newborn, but today isn’t going too badly. [Read more…]

A Few Short Hours & A Pregnant Pause

I can’t believe I am writing this already! It literally feels like I started this blog yesterday and as today is the final day of this part of the journey, I decided to go back and read all the entries since the beginning. It has made me a little teary eyed & I am feeling modestly proud of myself for keeping at it, even though the original premise for the site changed. That seems natural now after so much else has changed over the months. I am finding it a little tough to find the right words to sign off this chapter though. Add to that I still need to pack my “last minute bag” and I want to be in bed by 8h30 and this is going to be a short post! [Read more…]

Going With It

I was going to incorporate this into my final post, but then I ended up writing the beginning of a whole different summary post to end this “pregnancy chapter” of Pregnant in Cape Town. For those who have wondered, I still intend to blog on PICT and remain active on Social Media in that name once Charly is here to keep the conversations going. Partly because I am proud of what I have created and partly because a large part of me is still hoping that I will one day be “Pregnant in Cape Town” again. So I will update my site & Social Media with the tagline “& everything after” and get around it that way. [Read more…]


My Bags Are Packed & Ready To Go…

There are literally hundreds of lists available online and in books and magazines telling you what to pack for you and your new baby for your hospital stay. And yet, I found that no 2 lists had the same information, so all of them were missing something! It drove me mad & so I did what I do & started combining them all into one fully comprehensive list. [Read more…]

Pain & Productivity – An Up and Down Week

People lie. Everyone says pregnancy gets “uncomfortable” in the last trimester; there is a big difference between uncomfortable and painful. Everything hurts most of the time – my belly hurts from my beautiful baby doing her gymnastics; my arms, legs, hands and feet are constantly swollen and achy; I’ve had pins and needles in my right hand for 5 days now; my back hurts; rolling over in bed hurts; standing up hurts – everything hurts. [Read more…]

Struggling As Birth Approaches

I am struggling to write again, unable to quite put how I am feeling into words. I have been unusually down this past week, and only managed to have 2 productive work days – though I managed to nail 5 articles over those 2 days due to using the other days for research. [Read more…]

Pregnancy Paranoia, Darkness & 3 Lights

My emotions are all over the place at the moment. I am hypersensitive to everything from the passing comments of strangers to the absence of comments, to Brett being back at work, to not hearing from friends to feeling too in demand with friends, to excessive noise to too much quiet – the list is never ending. I feel like all my emotional nerve endings are exposed. [Read more…]

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Recommended Reading for Pregnancy

Many of you will have been told not to read too much about pregnancy so as not to “scare you” or “put thoughts in your mind” as I prefer to call it. While still others of you will have been told to read everything you can get your hands on to prepare yourself for what is to come. I guess which advice you follow should really depend on what kind of person you are. I tend to be far more afraid of what I don’t know and so I chose a select few sources to read religiously and avoid as much of the noise of the rest of the world as I can. [Read more…]