Coming along nicely…

Things are definitely coming along nicely… I have started my research for the resources page, have had the Paint version of my logo (designed by me) polished up by a graphic designer on the Internet, have had hubby put together a forum, have set up my Facebook and Twitter accounts, have invited everyone to check it all out, have posted a few blogs and even taught myself how to create and install widgets and plugins on the website; but then there are days like today where I look at something simple like creating the first forum category and it all just seems impossible. [Read more…]


Porridge Brain Ramblings

I have been working on a post about pregnancy symptoms the past 2 days – yes, they are many and varied. As you can probably tell, this is not that post. Although, it does touch on one of the symptoms I struggle quite a lot with – pregnancy/porridge brain depending on your preference.   [Read more…]