A Few Short Hours & A Pregnant Pause

I can’t believe I am writing this already! It literally feels like I started this blog yesterday and as today is the final day of this part of the journey, I decided to go back and read all the entries since the beginning. It has made me a little teary eyed & I am feeling modestly proud of myself for keeping at it, even though the original premise for the site changed. That seems natural now after so much else has changed over the months. I am finding it a little tough to find the right words to sign off this chapter though. Add to that I still need to pack my “last minute bag” and I want to be in bed by 8h30 and this is going to be a short post! [Read more…]

Going With It

I was going to incorporate this into my final post, but then I ended up writing the beginning of a whole different summary post to end this “pregnancy chapter” of Pregnant in Cape Town. For those who have wondered, I still intend to blog on PICT and remain active on Social Media in that name once Charly is here to keep the conversations going. Partly because I am proud of what I have created and partly because a large part of me is still hoping that I will one day be “Pregnant in Cape Town” again. So I will update my site & Social Media with the tagline “& everything after” and get around it that way. [Read more…]

Charly in 4D

Wonder, Learning & Decision-Making

I am blown away by technology on so many levels and the 4D scan yesterday was no exception – what an amazing experience! Some of you will have seen the video I posted, which is the perfect example of how 4D scans work. When it begins, the shadows make the image quite terrifying, but after a few seconds it shifts and you can clearly see her face emerge. How unbelievable is that? [Read more…]

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.32.26 AM

Downs, Ups & Antenatal Classes

As mentioned on social media, the past couple of weeks has been rough. A combination of our little girl growing like crazy and the stress that is putting on my body, with the Summer heat kicking in and insomnia mixed with heartburn and nausea, is taking its toll. I am also having to face some people from my past that I would rather avoid, just thinking about it is enough to get my pulse racing and my head pounding – but needs must. [Read more…]

How they get from “in here” to “out there”…

Why is it that every person – male, female, married, divorced, single, old, young, family member or absolute stranger, parent or otherwise – has an opinion on how you should give birth? Personally, I think it is the one thing that nobody other than the person who has to get the baby out from inside of their body after an already uncomfortable, traumatic and occasionally painful 40 weeks should have any opinion on whatsoever. [Read more…]