New Mommy Problems

5 weeks and 1 day, I have no idea where the time went! Charly is changing daily now, she is no longer just a little creature that eats and sleeps. She has long periods where she is awake and alert; where she turns her head when she hears my voice and she stares into my eyes for ages until her little eyes cross. [Read more…]

Not the post you were promised…

Motherhood is hard work!! Special mommies like so many I know make it look so easy, but it is tricky for us newbies! They say it gets easier around the 6 week mark; that feels both any minute now (can’t believe she is already 3 weeks on Monday!!) and a million years from now (especially on days where she wakes up every hour all night or day to feed). [Read more…]


One Handed Catch Up

Will try catch up while Charly feeds. My right hand still has pins and needles so typing is a bit tough & I am adapting this on my phone from a whatsapp message I sent. I really struggled when deciding whether to share how our first day home went because I am struggling with the shame that comes with the raw mix of emotions involved; but I promised to be honest and maybe this is the final purpose for this blog – forcing myself to confront things instead of running and hiding as is my instinct. [Read more…]