Reasons to be happy

And now, back to the happy side of things. Brett and I seem to have finally found our groove again; as he puts it, we are finally adjusting to the “new normal”. I am so very blessed to have such a loving, supportive husband. [Read more…]


Escapism & Battling Positivity

I know I have been completely absent again. I enjoyed the writing challenge I was doing, I was loving writing every night while I fed Charly, but life was a bit hectic with baby all night wake ups and work, so I took a step back… And fell off the ends of the earth. [Read more…]

What I didn't know

What I Didn’t Know About – What I’d Need For My New Baby

I am very much a believer in “what I don’t know could fill a book” so I would love to literally fill a book with the things I’ve learned since having Charly… But, since I can barely get to the things on my current “To Do” list, a series of blog posts put together on my cell phone as I feed her will have to suffice. Everybody thinks they know what they need for their new baby, most things can wait until quite a while after birth. [Read more…]


My Heart is Full Tonight

Today has been a good day. It did not start out that way; Charly woke three times last night, I had an article to write that had been torturing me since last week and yesterday was a disaster with nothing working out the way I needed it to. [Read more…]


Returning To Work, Teething & Sugar Withdrawals

“Going back” to work brought mixed feelings. It was tough leaving Charly, even if only for an hour and a half, and there was a lot more guilt than expected. The upside is, the guilt appeared because I really enjoyed my meeting; and the topics for the articles I need to write had me interested and excited to get started (only I would be excited to write about the Protection of Personal Information act – what a giant nerd I am). [Read more…]


Coming Back

Coming back to writing has been far harder than anticipated. We had a really bad run of things with Brett getting sick for 2 weeks, then Charly getting flu that turned into bronchiolitis & being unable to feed, leading to an ER visit and then, just as she recovered, I got it & when she got her vaccinations it retriggered the virus in her adding a 3 day fever into the mix. [Read more…]


Our Birth Story: The C-Section Recovery (Part Two)

So, where were we… arriving back in our room and being set up with press-button morphine. Basically every time you start feeling sore, you press the button. I think there is a 10 minute (or so) window between when it will produce the goods. On top of that, every 4 hours a nurse brings you more pills and adds things to the IV. The pain management from the medication side is excellent when you are in the hospital. The rest of my c-section recovery was difficult on every level. [Read more…]

Temperature Terrors & Inoculation Ignorance

Last night I experienced my baby’s first fever; I’m really looking forward to when I experience a positive first. The first smile, the first laugh, the first time she sleeps through the night, even the first tooth though it may require some pain & tears will have a visible rewarding result; all my angel’s firsts thus far have been suffering without reward. [Read more…]