New Year & New Goals

I can’t believe we are at the end of January already! This year is flying by faster than I would like. It seems in my head though that I am waiting for Charly’s first birthday and the new year only fully starts for me then. An odd feeling, but it is distinctly there, like I’m holding my breath and waiting for life to start ticking over again. [Read more…]


A Very Short Thank You & Touch Base

I’m sorry for my scarcity. As it seems many of my fellow bloggers have, I mostly switched off over the holiday season. I look forward to sharing the story and pictures of our angel’s amazing first Christmas. I wanted my first post for 2015 to be positive and focused on all the good that I hope for in 2015, but things have gone a little sideways and so I am unable to put what I want to into it. [Read more…]



My poor baby, and by extension our little family, just can’t catch a break!! Charly has been impossible for about 10 days; as usual we blamed teething, even though she won’t let us look in her mouth. Something still seemed off though, so I took her to the GP to get checked out. Turns out she has fluid on the eardrum and the start of an ear infection.    [Read more…]


Stepping Into the Past

What a week! Charly was still feeling sick and teething, so we are still running on sleep fumes. She has seemed much happier yesterday and today, though the evil tooth 6 has still not fully cut! [Read more…]


Mentioning the Unmentionable

I know I’m not one of those bloggers who blog about my day to day life. I also very rarely mention anything to do with the many and varied bodily fluids that us parents have to deal with on a daily basis. I was squeamish and very private about such things, until I had a baby. And yet, here I am – today is the day. [Read more…]


It Is Worth It

There has been an overwhelmingly warm and supportive response to yesterday’s post. Thank you all. I’m doing ok, really. Yesterday was a bad day, last night was the worst night since Charly was a newborn, but today isn’t going too badly. [Read more…]


Finding My Mommy Instinct

I am feeling so grateful for all the wonderful inspirational mommies in my life. Things are so difficult in my mommy-baby bubble at the moment and watching, reading and hearing about how all of you manage yourselves and your kids through the tough times is what is getting me by – so thank you [Read more…]