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6 bare essentials for your baby ~ BabyGroup blog

Most of you will have seen that I am the MOST excited to be a new featured blogger over at the BabyGroup blog.


For those of you who haven’t heard of them, BabyGroup has been steadily working at becoming the place for all things baby for the last 2 years. They have an amazing online store, that I have been a huge fan of since it’s inception; you can find the most beautiful and high quality products there. They also have some great resources for moms; from an advice page, to local pregnancy and parenting courses, to a local directory, to an awesome blog that features some of my favourite bloggers (and now me)!

Today I get to share with you my article posted on their site. It is a little different to my usual posts, to fit in with their style, but it still contains my own experience and learnings as Charly’s mommy. I would love if you would click through here and like the post and / or comment with your feedback to show your support and prove to them I am worth their while 😉


Six bare essentials for your baby
All babies are different, but there are some items I couldn’t have lived without and others I wish I had discovered sooner. Writing a parenting and pregnancy blog, I chat to so many new parents and parents-to-be every day. A question that often comes up is what I found to be the “must-haves” when I had Charlotte.

1. A good quality camp cot
The best gift we received was the Chicco Lullaby Magic. It was the only piece of baby furniture I needed. It allowed me to reach over and lift Charly out without actually having to sit up in bed; which was a lifesaver for middle of the night feeds. And we still use it as an occasional playpen and for every single nappy change (it is the PERFECT height for Brett, my mom and I to change her).

2. A great big feeding pillow
I used my pillow right through my pregnancy; to prop me up, give me back support when I worked, and as the base of my bedtime pillow nest; and I still use it today to breastfeed.

3. A sleep soother
I wish I had understood the importance of introducing a sleep soother early; then maybe I wouldn’t be sitting with a 16 month old who uses me as a sleep soother! I invested in the Baby Sense Taglet, the Sophie la Girafe comforter and the Lily ‘n Jack bunny, and she adores them, but she didn’t attach to them as well as she would have if I had introduced them a few weeks in.

4. The sleepy sac
Investing in a quality sleep sac will save you sleepless nights; well no it won’t, but you won’t be awake worrying that your baby will get tangled up or kick their blankets off and freeze. The Baby Sense Winter sleep sac is a win!

5. Everything Oh Lief
Something else I discovered later was the Oh Lief baby range. After only a few days of using Oh Lief products, the rash on Charly’s back, the cradle cap, the ever present slight nappy rash, the little dry areas on her legs all cleared. They are completely natural so there is very little danger of your baby reacting to the products and it makes your baby’s skin feel, well, as soft as a baby’s bottom…

6. Sophie la Girafe Teether
Teething is the devil. There is simply no other way to put it. You will try every potion and lotion and liquid to try to end your baby’s suffering. You will accumulate a pile of teethers in various shapes and sizes and colours and materials. At the end of it, you should rather invest once off in old Sophie; she’s been around for 54 years and has been used and loved by babies across the world.


This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good place to start when shopping for yourself or other expecting mommies. How does my list compare to yours? What tops your list of must-haves?

What do you think guys? It is a shortened more detailed version of an old post I did.


**Because I believe in the brand itself, and personally use the products from their shop, I have become an affiliate partner with them. All this means for you is that if you click on any of the links from my site to theirs and buy anything, I get a small percentage (a few rands) from them for referring you. As always, I will never ever share or promote anything I haven’t tried myself! This doesn’t cost you a single cent more, it just helps me a little to keep my blog up and running. It is a win-win; I get to do what I always do, sharing what works for me, and you get to support me and a great brand.

Sending all the love xx

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