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A Very Short Thank You & Touch Base

I’m sorry for my scarcity. As it seems many of my fellow bloggers have, I mostly switched off over the holiday season. I look forward to sharing the story and pictures of our angel’s amazing first Christmas. I wanted my first post for 2015 to be positive and focused on all the good that I hope for in 2015, but things have gone a little sideways and so I am unable to put what I want to into it.

Charly has been really ill this week, today her extremely high fever has finally broken and a rash has begun to appear; so we finally know that in all likelihood she has Roseola, or baby measles as it’s more commonly known. It has been atrocious; her fevers have reached 39.4 on numerous occasions and she has been incredibly unhappy and only wants mommy all the time. I am just so relieved we more or less know what it is now; fevers that high and doctors not knowing why is overwhelmingly terrifying.

And of course, she has been breastfeeding 24/7 and only sleeping in bed with me; so I have slept around 2 hours a night since Sunday, interrupted by hysterical screaming that last anywhere up to an hour. I think the sound of her crying that way is even more exhausting than the lack of sleep, constant surges of adrenalin as you fall asleep is quite traumatic.

This is the shortest post I have ever done, but I really wanted to let you all we are still here and I also really wanted to say thank you so much for those of you that voted for me in the South African Mom Blog competition. I can’t believe I came second 🙂 Very well done to the other winners; again I am so honoured to have been selected.

I have set goals for the year for the first time in my life, resolutions of a sort I suppose, and I plan on sharing all of those very soon. Thanks again!

And a very quick mention to all the fellow mommies with whom I shared my pregnancy journey – all our babies begin turning one now!! Happy happy birthdays to all of them and well done to all of you for making it and raising such beautiful wonderful children! And again thank you for helping me so often along the way.

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