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A 2 hour holiday from my life

Any of you who follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter will have seen that I attended the Clicks Baby Event yesterday morning. You may also have picked up that I was having the BEST time.

Coffee & Yum

As an ex-PR person who worked on or around events for a good long time, I am too often disappointed by the little details of how people manage client events. I end up wanting to send a hundred pointers on how they should have done things differently; luckily for them, I am not that person. Anyway, this event I was happy and impressed with; the PR team from Magna-Carta were absolutely stellar!

I loved the venue they chose; the gorgeous Four & Twenty Cafe hidden away in a little street in Wynberg that time seems to have forgotten. I loved a lot of the food, and even tried some very creative “foody” type things – which as the most fussy eater on the planet, is very not me. Everything was presented beautifully and the service and servers were just awesome. It has definitely made the date day list!



photo by Jules of Heart Mama Blog
photo by Jules of Heart Mama Blog



Cheese cake

I loved that it was a small-ish event, with just two tables of women and mothers (with three men thrown into the mix – Clicks and the photographer). It was so lovely to see some familiar faces and get to know a few more. The star-studded guest list included the fab Charlotte from The Stiletto Mum, Celeste from My Friend Thinks I’m Supermom Blog, Cindy from 3 Kids, 2 Dogs & 1 Old House, Zayaan from Surviving the Madness, Hayley Malan from Hayley’s Joys, Radhia from TreatMeSweetlie, Leigh from The Mom Diaries, Leigh from Red Lips & Darling Adventures, Jules from Heart Mama Blog, Chereen from For the Beauty of It, and and and… I am the worst because I know there were others I am forgetting, uuuum… The gorgeous girls from Magna-Carta, Aloysia and Serena from Clicks and possibly the other really really sweet lady sitting opposite me too, Erika from Good Housekeeping, the lovely mom of three who manages the #HelpingHandTrust and the sweetest lady from Child Magazine whose name I have completely blanked on – so sorry lovely ladies!! That is as good as it is going to get; but I am likely only about 4 or 5 people out. It was a great crowd, and everybody got to talk to everyone. I have no idea when last I was so social!

Charlotte & I
Charlotte & I
Celeste & I

There was a very brief and well put introduction from the Jaime from Clicks, explaining why we were there and a short introduction to the work of the Helping Hand Trust. Essentially, Clicks is going full-service on the mommy, baby and mommy-to-be front.

Jaime from Clicks

They are exclusively stocking the Made 4 Baby, Made 4 Mum, brothermax and Oh So Heavenly Mom and Cherub ranges; which cover nappies, baby clothing, healthy yummy snacks for littles, bathtime, changing and grooming items, playtime necessities and some basic essentials for moms. They had all of this beautifully on display in the little courtyard and I was instantly made broody by all the cuteness! From Tuesday 13 October, all Clicks stores will be hosting the Clicks Baby Event, which will include some great savings and promotions across all the ranges.


Oh So Heavenly

Clicks Clothing

I particularly loved learning about the Clicks Helping Hand Trust. The goal of the trust is to lessen the burden on state facilities, by offering free clinic services to moms and babies born in state facilities without access to medical aid. And every time you buy any Clicks brand baby products, you are contributing to the trust. Charly instantly appropriated the gorgeous bracelet included in the gift bags.


There were also some fun spot prizes; one where us moms had to taste test a variety of the new snacks and a juice (which we all did dismally at, the highest points were 2.5/4 which was Cindy, who won a brothermax high chair, which we were all trying to convince her was a sign that she will have to change her blog to 4 kids, 2 dogs…. Celeste won a hamper for being the most active on social media – her Instagram is really awesome 🙂 And then I won a divine Sorbet hamper for the best photo on Instagram 🙂 And we all walked away with full goodie bags of awesomeness.

Sorbet gift

Clicks Goodie Bag

All the things

Ducky Love

It was one of the best events I have attended and the two hours was like a mini-holiday from my life, which was much needed.

Thanks so much to Clicks for a great morning 🙂

Sending all the love xx

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It looks like a lovely affair. I love events like these so much and with this post you’ve made me feel like I was actually there with you guys. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

Awww thanks lovely <3 So much love to you tooooo!! Was so good to actually be able to give you a huge hug in person 😀 x

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